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Precinct 12 - Dundalk

Precinct 12 - Dundalk

Read news updates from Precinct 12 - Dundalk.
Date: Jan 30, 2020

The following officers have been awarded Officer of the Month by their Commanding Officer:

January: Dundalk Community Action Team (CAT) for their collective proactive enforcement, serving 22 arrest warrants & making 19 self-initiated criminal arrests, as well as 2 serious traffic offense arrests. 

February: Officer Heimiller #5584 for leading his squad in case clearances and traffic violation enforcement, including one drunk driver, five suspended drivers, two unlicensed operators, two uninsured vehicles, and one juvenile who attempted to flee and elude Officer Heimiller, without success. That juvenile was arrested and prosecuted for the traffic violations as well as CDS violations to include distribution. Officer Heimiller takes his role ni keeping the motoring community safe seriously, and understands the importance of traffic enforcement in overall crime suppression.

March: Officer Thorn #4868 for his initiative, investigative work with the Homicide Unit that led to clearing a murder-suicide in Edgemere, and his overall high level of enforcement of both traffic violations and crime. He investigated a number of significant cases this month resulting in clearances and arrests. Officer Thorn uses sound decision making and maintains a tactical mindset in every situation he faces. He maintains professionalism in all encounters, and his investigations are thorough and competently conducted. He works well with other agencies to further his investigations, as well as disseminating information to other agencies when it could assist in cross-jurisdictional investigations.

April: Dundalk Traffic Team which works daily to keep the motoring public safe, had an outstanding month of traffic law violation enforcement, in addition to clearing 8 hit-and-run crash investigations. This team genuinely cares about the safety of the citizens of Baltimore County, targeting negligent and careless drivers in an effort to prevent motor vehicle crashes. They also focus traffic enforcement efforts in high crime areas in an effort to deter crime and detect criminal activity as it is occurring, which led them to making one arrest on a felony warrant and 5 additional arrests. They are quick to respond to community traffic complaints and make sure they bring the complaint to a satisfactory result.

May: Officer Leach #5640 who led his squad in criminal enforcement, including felony and misdemeanor arrests, and resulting in confiscations of drugs and guns. Officer Leach is a savvy officer, targeting high crime areas with a keen eye. Most of his proactive enforcement is drug interdiction, during a time when it is much needed. The quality of his work for the citizens of Baltimore County in the Dundalk area is exceptional and well deserving of an officer of the month award.

June: Officer Armstrong #6130 for, among other things, a traffic stop he made on a vehicle that had Maryland registration but was missing the front plate. Upon speaking with the driver he detected the odor of marijuana. The driver admitted to having smoked marijuana in the vehicle and indicated there was more in the vehicle. A search of the vehicle resulted in the confiscation of marijuana and, more importantly, a loaded handgun that was found to have been stolen out of Norfolk, Virginia. The gun was also confiscated and the suspect arrested.

July: Officer Sowinski #5964 made a traffic stop on a vehicle that drove right through a stop sign and immediately detected the odor of marijuana. He asked the driver to exit the vehicle so that a probable cause search of the vehicle could be conducted. When the driver exited he threw something on the ground and began to stomp on it. Officer Sowinski recovered the crack cocaine that the suspect inefficiently attempted to destroy, then recovered a variety of other controlled dangerous substances from the vehicle. He was charged with possession and distribution of CDS.

August: Officer Sheckells #5667 was conducting a routine business check at a gas station late one night when the automatic License Plate Reader (LPR) in his patrol car alerted him to a stolen vehicle at the gas pumps. Officer Sheckells verified the vehicle was stolen and elicited assistance from other officers while he followed the vehicle into a shopping center. When the officers attempted to stop the vehicle it began to flee, crashing into two parked vehicles, then striking a police car as it continued to attempt to flee. Ultimately, the driver fled from the vehicle on foot while our Aviation Unit monitored from above. The suspect attempted to seek shelter inside a home but was apprehended. The juvenile driver was charged accordingly as an adult. Three other juveniles were also arrested.

September: Officer Miceli #6117 made a traffic stop for a minor traffic violation. While speaking with the driver he detected suspicious behavior on the part of the driver, which led to a K9 scan of the vehicle for drugs. The K9 alerted to the presence of CDS, and a probable-cause search of the vehicle resulted in the confiscation of a loaded and chambered 9 mm handgun with an extended magazine from under the driver's seat, along with a large quantity of marijuana. The driver, who was prohibited from possessing firearms due to an extensive criminal record, was arrested and charged with a number of crimes relating to the weapons and drug violations. Well done!

October: Officer Honeycutt #6185 for the exceptional work ethic and dedication to the citizens of Baltimore County. He is a role model and leader among his fellow officers. He has made a concerted effort to remove illegal firearms from persons prohibited from possessing them, and understands that traffic law violations are an excellent strategy for doing so as many of these illegal firearms are being carried or transported by criminals during their motoring travels. On one traffic stop for a vehicle registered in Maryland but not displaying a front registration plate he located an illegal 9 mm handgun, confiscating the gun and arresting the criminal.

November: Officer Vandergriff #5386 has established himself as an informal leader on his shift. He makes himself available to help newer officers as they continue to learn the job. He begins each work day eagerly and with a positive attitude that is infectious to other members on his shift. He continually improves his skills and knowledge of current policing tactics and trends through self-initiated training courses, most recently acquiring the State of Maryland designation of Traffic Safety Specialist Level 1. His traffic and criminal enforcement and clearance rates are indicative of the proactive work he does every day, most notably this month being the clearance of a 4th degree burglary for which he caught and charged seven juveniles.

December: Lieutenant Hearn, Lieutenant Morgan, Sergeant DeFelice, Corporal Mazan, Corporal Robinson, Detective Dillard, Detective Horney, Detective Roche, Detective Serio, Detective Shelton, Detective Stricklin, Officer Duhadaway and Officer Thorn, all of whom worked quickly and diligently on the case involving the sexual assault of a child on her way to school to make sure that this suspect was identified and removed from society to face justice, and a sense of security was restored to the families and children in our community. Well done, everyone.

Original media release for this incident: Police Investigating Child Sexual Assault on School Property in Dundalk

Between 11 a.m. January 30 to 2:50 p.m. February 4,unknown suspects entered the fenced in property at Journey's Tavern. The suspects then entered through a second floor window and climbed down through a hidden door. The suspects stole money before leaving.
At 5:58 a.m., the unknown suspect walked up to the victim with a gun in his hand, then took property from the victim's pockets.
At 5:53 a.m., the unknown suspect walked up to the victim with a gun in his hand and demanded the victim's property. The victim complied.
At 5:46 a.m., the unknown suspect, armed with a handgun, walked up to the victim and demanded the victim's property. The suspect was unable to obtain the victim's property and walked away.
At 5:30 a.m., the unknown suspect displayed a gun to the victim and demanded her car keys and money. The victim refused and the suspect looked at her for a few seconds then put the gun in his waistband and left.
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