The Precinct 11 Officer of the Month is awarded as follows:

September 2017: Officer J. Olszewski #5451

Officer Olszewski is a dedicated and proactive patrol officer. He has a strong work ethic and is a dependable back-up officer to the other members of his shift. His investigations are thorough and have led him to obtain an above average number of case clearances and arrests. When not answering calls for service he is proactively enforcing the traffic violations that put other drivers in danger, including stopping two drivers who were driving on suspended licenses, one who was driving without any license at all, and the detection and arrest of three intoxicated drivers this month. Thank you for keeping our streets safer for the community, Officer Olszewski. Keep up the good work!

October 2017: Officer A. Diperna #5844

Officer Diperna also made three arrests for intoxicated drivers in October, clearing 6 serious traffic cases, as well. His supervisor describes him as one of the most motivated officers on his shift, proactively patrolling and always willing to work details to combat crime trends. He has a strong work ethic, a positive attitude, and a willingness to learn and grow as a law enforcement officer. Officer Diperna is considered an asset to his command and to this agency. Congratulations on a job well done, Officer Diperna!

November 2017: Officer R. Kosmicky #5702

Officer Kosmicky is another highly motivated officer, proactively patrolling his assigned area as well as known crime trend areas in the effort to deter and detect criminals in our community. While his proactive work load is consistently high, in November he even surpassed his own high standards, including the clearance of five serious traffic cases, making four arrests of intoxicated drivers this month. Officer Kosmicky's attitude, work ethic, and his professionalism are described as exemplary by his supervisors, who are glad to have him serving our community on their shift. Great job, Officer Kosmicky!

December 2017: Officer T. Turner #5790

Officer Turner had an exceptional month in crime enforcement, clearing 14 cases and arresting 6 criminals, including 1 estranged husband who threatened to harm his wife and daughter, pointing a handgun at his wife. Officer Turner was compassionate and empathetic with the victims, and quickly obtained a warrant, located and arrested the man, keeping the rest of his family safe.  Officer Turner understands the importance of proactive traffic violation enforcement in the detection and deterrence of crime when not handling other calls for service. One such example began with the routine check of a registration tag that returned with multiple registration violations. During the course of the traffic stop, Officer Turner determined that the registration on the vehicle had actually been cancelled. Further investigation revealed that the car was stolen out of Baltimore City. Officer Turner was able to arrest the thief, on whom he also discovered a moderate sum of cocaine, for which he was also charged. Great work, Officer Turner, and congratulations!