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Precinct 11 - Essex

Precinct 11 - Essex

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Keyword: assault
At 4:30 a.m., the victim and the suspect got into a verbal dispute which became physical. The suspect assaulted the victim and the suspect was arrested.
Between 8 and 9 a.m., the suspect used physical force to push open the victim's front door. After entering the residence, the suspect assaulted the victim. The suspect was later arrested.
At 2 a.m., the victim was choked by a known suspect during an argument. The suspect was arrested.
At 1:25 p.m., a known suspect pointed a handgun at the victims. The suspect left the scene and was later located and placed under arrest. No one involved was injured.
At 1 a.m., two known suspects approached the victim while he was seated in his vehicle. The suspects pointed at long gun at the victim and yelled at the victim. The suspects then walked back inside their apartment building. The suspects were later arrested.

At 4:30 p.m., after claiming he was attacked by a dog, the suspect shot the dog then pointed his firearm at an adult and a juvenile. The suspect was arrested.

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Revised September 28, 2016