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Precinct 1 - Wilkens

Precinct 1 - Wilkens

Read news updates from Precinct 1 - Wilkens.
At 12:25 a.m., two unknown suspects threw a large rock through the front door glass at Sweetfrog to gain entry. Once inside, the suspects destroyed both cash registers in an attempt to find cash. Nothing was taken.
At 7:25 a.m., an unknown suspect broke the basement window and entered the residence. Once inside,the suspect went through the house in an attempt to steal jewelry. Upon hearing the victim coming inside, the suspect fled through the basement door and the property was recovered at the scene.
At 10 p.m., unknown suspects entered the victim's unlocked car, then found the house keys as well as the keys to the victim's vehicle in the  glove box. The suspects entered the residence with the house key, found the keys to a second car and stole it too. The suspects stole keys to a third car, but it was left parked outside.

The August 2017 Officer of the Month is awarded to Officer J. Marino #5666.

Officer Marino recently received a permanent post car due to his constant enforcement efforts, motivational attitude, and teamwork with the other members of his squad. During the month of August Officer Marino was confronted with numerous law enforcement situations, including two DUI incidents which were quickly resolved due to his diligence, compassion and detailed investigation. Officer Marino carries out his law enforcement mission without forgetting the human element involved.

Officer Marino takes ownership of his post and makes it his goal to know the details of crime trends and the known offenders who live in the area. When a call for assistance was received from Howard County Police, not only did Officer Marino know the persons involved in the call, but he located them on his post. A detailed investigation revealed protective orders on file which resulted in the arrest of both subjects.

Being able to handle multiple types of incidents with maturity and professionalism has made Officer Marino an invaluable asset to his command. Officer Marino’s stalwart approach to law enforcement makes him a stellar officer worth emulating. Congratulations on a job well done, Officer Marino!

At 1:36 a.m., two unknown suspects entered the 7-11, held the clerks at gun point, then stole cash and cigarettes.
Between 8:20 a.m. and 2:35 p.m, unknown suspects broke the rear basement bathroom window, then entered the victim's residence. Once inside, the suspects stole several items including video games.
Sometime after 12:01 a.m., an unknown suspect broke the side glass door window, then entered Our Lady of Victory church. Once inside the church, the suspect broke another glass window in an effort to gain entry into the sanctuary. No items were stolen or damaged.
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Revised September 28, 2016