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by Todd Dolbin, Baltimore County Department of Economic & Workforce Development

Malik was a resident at the Westside Men’s shelter in Catonsville. After long unemployment, he was ready to find a good job, move out of the shelter and move on with his life. His goal: start fresh and pursue a commercial driver’s license.

So where did Malik start? How could Baltimore County help? The first step was a visit to Baltimore County’s Hunt Valley American Job Center, one of three centers serving the County.

With Malik’s career goal in mind, counselors connected him to a commercial driver’s license information session. As with any job, there were deadlines, documentation and applications for the All-State Career program. Malik also needed a current Maryland driver’s license. The pieces were not in place and the deadline for the session passed. But Malik didn’t give up and neither did Baltimore County’s Department of Economic and Workforce Development.  

County career counselors stayed in contact with Malik and encouraged him to compile the required eligibility documents and resolve his driver’s license issue. With the County’s training and career connections, support and coaching, Malik did the work and was accepted into the CDL program, where he completed the written and driving training and received resume and interviewing assistance.

Today, Malik holds a CDL diploma from All-State Career, has passed the Maryland CDL certification exam, and now holds a Maryland Class B license with a passenger endorsement. He is currently pursuing several job leads and looks forward to starting work soon. 

Help with the job of finding a job                                         

So, how about you?  Interested in a career move or jumping back into the workforce?  Has it been a few too many years since you’ve written your resume and interviewed for a job? Not sure where to begin?   

Baltimore County provides guided employment and support resources to help you achieve your own employment goals. Eligible job seekers meet with professional consultants to explore career paths, get referrals to training programs, job fairs and comprehensive online job boards. Join workshops to enhance job seeking skills and work readiness. Take your job search to a convenient American Job Center where you can use computers and printers with on-line access, individual work spaces with telephones, and a variety of job search resource materials to speed your success.

Free workshops for job seekers

Every month, Baltimore County’s American Job Centers in Hunt Valley, Liberty Center and Eastpoint offer free boot camp-style workshops for eligible job seekers.

  • Job Readiness Strategies
  • Basic Computer Strategies
  • Résumé and Cover Letter Strategies
  • Interviewing Strategies
  • Social Media Strategies 

Training scholarships in high demand fields

Get training in the fields where Baltimore County companies are hiring. Occupational training scholarships in these high demand fields are available for eligible job seekers. A Baltimore County career counselor can help you decide if one of these skills enhancement training programs is right for you:  

  • Healthcare
  • Transportation, distribution and logistics
  • Information technology
  • Corporate operations center
  • Manufacturing
  • Construction
  • Business, financial and educational services

Baltimore County stands ready to help you with the job of finding a job. Let’s get to work!

 By Bryan Dunn, Department of Economic & Workforce Development

Homelessness can start with losing a job or learning that a family member has a serious illness, then finding that the cost and complexity of everyday life is snowballing out of control.

Meet Jennifer. We’re not using her real name to protect her privacy.  

Jennifer was let go from her job and fell into homelessness. She knows what working hard is all about. She has extensive food service experience, including staff supervision. But it was tough to know how to compete in today’s market. Living in a shelter in Reisterstown, Jennifer felt locked out from the world of work.  

Jennifer was a resident of Sarah's Hope at the Hannah More Emergency Shelter when she met staff from Saint Vincent de Paul and Anthony Smith from Baltimore County’s American Job Center. Working together, they helped unlock Jennifer’s career.   

As part of the County’s strategy to prevent and reduce homelessness, Job Center staff regularly take a mobile career unit to the county’s three largest homeless shelters, bringing services directly to people who need help getting back into the workforce. 

When Baltimore County’s mobile career services came to Sarah's Hope, Jennifer was ready to get to work. Anthony helped Jennifer develop her résumé and post her profile on the Maryland Workforce Exchange, a statewide database of job opportunities. Anthony coached her on how to search and apply for food services positions that matched her experience and skills. Staff at the Liberty Job Center in Randallstown also pitched in with services.  

The hard work payed off. Jennifer was offered a position at Johns Hopkins Hospital. 

Jennifer restarted her career and Baltimore County is beaming with pride to be a small part of her success. 

There’s nothing like hearing the words “You’re hired, Jennifer.” 

Do you or someone you know need a job? 

Baltimore County’s American Job Centers in Hunt Valley, Randallstown and Eastpoint provide free career consultation and development resources and services, career placement assistance and career training. 

Bryan Dunn
Baltimore County Department of Economic & Workforce Development

A job hunt can be daunting. After a while, the sense of being invisible can wear you out. Many people get discouraged, thinking “it’s all about who you know.”  
I’d like to suggest that in a job search “it’s all about who you talk to. Looking for a job is hard, competitive and demanding, even when you have lots of experience. Finding valuable resources can give you direction and speed up the search.  

Take a look at Carleen Davis, a registered nurse seeking other employment. She didn’t know how to handle the employment gaps on her resume and needed guidance on where to look for a new job. Or Lorena Lentowski, who was looking for a job in the medical field after moving back home to Baltimore.  

Both realized they needed help and came in to visit with a career specialist at Baltimore County’s American Job Centers (AJCs). AJCs have a team of people dedicated to finding solutions to these types of challenges. They have the latest information on career planning, job search strategies, hiring programs, and skills training. They can help job seekers access a network of relationships with employers.  

Our career services staff worked with Carleen and Lorena to improve their resumes and better represent their valuable skills and experience. Carleen attended AJC workshops to brush up her skills. Based on Lorena’s experience, she was connected to the Johns Hopkins Hospital Project R.E.A.C.H. Program to get further guidance on tailoring her resume and navigating the Hopkins application process. 

It’s not one size fits all. Baltimore County’s AJC staff work to find the right solution for each individual’s needs.

Both Carleen and Lorena have new jobs putting them on promising career paths. Carleen is now a public health nurse for Baltimore County and Lorena accepted a position with a Towson lab that serves nursing homes. 

So remember, it’s not who you know, but who you talk to.

Oh, did I mention our counselors are available at no charge? So don’t hesitate to take the next step in moving your career forward. Visit one of Baltimore County’s American Job Centers. See this list of locations.


Revised September 11, 2017