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Tenth Annual Child and Adolescent Resource Fair Set for November 2

Baltimore County is holding its Tenth Annual Child and Adolescent Behavioral Health Resource Fair from 12:30 to 4:00 p.m., Thursday, November 2, 2017 at Oregon Ridge Lodge (13401 Beaver Dam Road, Cockeysville). An interagency collaboration, the Fair will feature resources for professionals as well as parents and families of children or adolescents with mental health or substance use disorder issues.

Each year, over 50 different mental health and substance use disorder treatment vendors are showcased at the Fair. This year similar agencies will be featured as well as a keynote presentation at 2:30 p.m., “Addressing Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs), Trauma and Resilience.”

During this event, parents, family members, counselors, and other professionals will have an opportunity to learn about resources, network with other families, and speak informally with service providers in Baltimore County. The event is free and open to the public. Lunch will be provided from 12:30 to 1:30 p.m. Pre-registration is required. To register, visit or call 410-887-3828.

The Fair is sponsored by Baltimore County Department of Health and Human Services, Baltimore County Public Schools, Baltimore County Office of the Public Defender, Mental Health Association of Maryland, Associated Catholic Charities, The Children’s Guild, Thrive Behavioral Health, Abundant Living Resources and A Better Tomorrow Starts Today.

Says Libraries are an Important Key to Student Success

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz congratulated Baltimore County Public Schools (BCPS) for being named the 2017 National School Library Program of the Year by the American Association of School Librarians. The award was presented this weekend to BCPS as a school system that exemplifies the effective use and promotion of their library resources to staff and students.

“This is further evidence of the great job our schools are doing in preparing students for college and career success by teaching them how to do good research and harness the wealth of library materials and knowledge at their disposal,” Kamenetz said. “I thank and congratulate our school library professionals for helping to make learning exciting and for fostering a thirst for knowledge that really helps engage students.”

“The public education system’s ability to promote learning is important in creating future leaders and entrepreneurs,” said County Council Chair Tom Quirk. “This award shows that BCPS takes these ideals seriously and is doing an outstanding job at creating better learners.”

by Kara Eppel, Baltimore County Office of Communications Intern

It’s almost summer, and for every Baltimore County elementary, middle, and high school student that means school’s out. Looking out of the window in June, kids cannot stop thinking about the warm weather, blue sky, and bright sun. Students fantasize about their upcoming summer plans, like attending camps, vacationing at Ocean City beaches and hanging out with friends. Captivated by their daydreams, these students sometimes forget about the person still trying to teach in the front of their classroom, the Baltimore County Public School teacher.

Teachers have impacted all of our lives. From teaching our elementary schoolers how to add and subtract, to educating high schoolers about the romance of Shakespeare, BCPS teachers have taught our newest generation much of what they know. BCPS teachers have stood by their students’ sides as they cried on the first day of kindergarten for “mommy and daddy to come back,” all the way to graduation when their grown students accepted their high school diplomas.

Elaine Coletta, a math teacher at Baltimore County Rosedale Center, says “Teaching is not just my profession, it’s my passion. Tailoring my teaching style and methods to enable a child to achieve at their best is what I love most about the career I chose.”

BCPS teachers also inspire their students.

I’m sure many people remember their favorite grade school teachers, and some even keep in touch. Personally, I am privileged to still visit my favorite high school teacher.

We don’t just remember these teachers because they taught us English, math, or history. We appreciate them because they fostered a relationship that impacted our education and helped shape us as individuals.

So students, please stop drumming your fingers, tapping your feet, and clicking your pens in an attempt to demonstrate your impatience for summer to begin. Before you leave school or before you pick up your kids that one last time, please thank your Baltimore County Public School teachers for their dedication and inspiration.  

Cherish the time you have left at school, because the connections you create and the knowledge you receive from your BCPS teachers can last you a lifetime.  

Revised September 11, 2017