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Date: Jun 19, 2017

Discusses Shared Concerns Including the State’s Inadequate Transportation and Education Funding

Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz, President of the Maryland Association of Counties (MACo), spent time this afternoon in Upper Marlboro conferring with members of the Prince George’s County Council as part of his statewide tour to meet with local leaders and discuss MACo’s priorities and advocacy for county governments. 

Kamenetz and MACo Executive Director Michael Sanderson discussed a wide range of topics with the Council members including issues of insufficient state funding for transportation and education, traffic congestion and the need to better link education priorities with economic development opportunities.  Specifically, County Council members brought up the alarming deficiencies in state Highway User Revenues provided to counties for road maintenance, the need for a better integrated transportation network to alleviate commuter congestion between Prince George’s County and Southern Maryland and the challenges of dealing with school overcrowding given the limited school construction allocations from the state.   

“I found it quite remarkable to hear the degree to which leaders in Prince George’s are confronting the exact same issues we deal with in Baltimore County as similar suburban jurisdictions,” Kamenetz said. “At the local level, it really comes down to schools, transportation and jobs, and we simply need more targeted state attention to meet these basic needs.”

In addition to comparing notes on policy and budget issues, Kamenetz and Sanderson also gave an overview of how MACo worked to protect the interests of Maryland counties in Annapolis during this year’s General Assembly session, and they promoted MACo conferences as valuable opportunities for local officials to learn from each other and share best practices.

MACo was founded in 1939, as a non-partisan organization to advocate the needs of local government to the Maryland General Assembly, representing all of Maryland’s 23 counties and Baltimore City. Kamenetz is the fifth Baltimore County Executive to serve as President in the history of MACo, succeeding Christian Kahl, Dale Anderson, Dutch Ruppersberger and Jim Smith. With this new term, Kamenetz also becomes the longest serving current member of MACo, first joining in 1994 as a member of the Baltimore County Council. 

Revised September 11, 2017