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Financial Planning

The links below contain information and tools for managing your finances. These documents are used with permission by Maryland Cooperative Extension.

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Communicating about Money 

Communication is an important component in any family or relationship, but essential with regard to managing money. Learn just how important it is for family members to have similar understanding, values and goals for their financial state. Though communication in itself is difficult, learn exactly how to effectively discuss money and financial decisions with the members of your family.

Financial Statements

In order to know where you and your family are going with regard to your financial situation, you must know where you came from. The best way to plan for future financial decisions is by understanding just how to read all of your financial statements. View directions for the preparation and use of the net worth statement and income/expense statement, the two major tools used to review a family's current financial situation.

Getting Out of Debt 

To help plan for a successful financial future learn ways to develop a debt payment plan. Ignoring debts will affect your credit rating. Many people ignore debts when they experience financial difficulty.

It's Your Money: Making Choices 

Learning to manage your money will make life easier in the future. Review six steps that will help you develop a spending plan. Every day we make choices about how to spend money. Often, these choices are without planning. Get help making a spending plan or a budget that you can live with.

Living on Less

A loss or drop in income can change the dynamic of a family for better or worse. Learn how to economize and have a positive outlook on a change in income. Discover three basic skills for living on less and learn how to "do more with less".

Record Keeping 

It's not easy being organized! With the hustle and bustle of work and family, organization takes a lot of time and commitment, more than the average American is able to provide. One of the most important ways to manage money is through being organized and keeping records. Learn easy but effective ways to keep records that may assist in tax preparation, times of crisis and show proof of payments.

Risk Management: Life Insurance 

Life insurance can provide families with a sense of economic security. Learn just how to meet the needs of your family with the right type of life insurance policy, as well as, how to purchase your policy for the best price.

Savings Basics 

Setting goals can be your first step in developing a savings plan that fits your needs. Saving money provides unmatched security. Financial fitness is essential for a secure future.

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