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2018 Woman and Young Woman of the Year Winners

Laura Clary, BSN, RN: Woman of the Year

Laura Clary, 2018 Woman of the Year
Laura Clary, BSN, RN
Woman of the Year

Laura Clary, BSN, RN, is the manager of GBMC’s Sexual Assault Forensic Examination (SAFE) and Domestic Violence Program. She and her team of forensic nurses and victim advocates attend to more than 400 cases a year—they have dedicated themselves to re-empower victims of sexual assault, child abuse and domestic violence.

Forensic Nurse

Laura started her career as an emergency nurse and later trained for pediatric emergency care. In 2010, she started working at GBMC as a Forensic Nurse in the SAFE program—the combination of nursing and forensics that she had been looking for.

Despite the injuries she sees and the horrific accounts she hears from patients, Laura makes it her mission to treat each person without judgment. “We often see the worst thing that a person can do to another person,” says Laura. She meticulously performs medical-forensic exams on each patient and collects evidence that law enforcement uses to aid the investigation and prosecution of the perpetrator. Laura and her team frequently testify in court cases, attend community outreach events and fundraise for the SAFE program.

Workplace Leader and Expert

When Laura realized that two populations were being overlooked at the SAFE Program—12 and below and domestic violence victims—she took it upon herself to change this and worked with GBMC’s leadership team to make it happen.

Laura earned her certification in pediatric forensics, while working full-time and raising her family, then trained to become an expert on the subject. She cross-trained her entire team and now the SAFE Program can treat patients of any age. Additionally, she broadened the program to include victims of domestic violence. Because these crimes don’t discriminate, she believes in offering comprehensive care for assault and abuse across the lifespan.

When asked about the best part of her job, Laura says, “Getting a guilty verdict or a DNA hit feels great, but what is most rewarding is seeing the transformation that our patients go through from when they first come see us to when they leave. Getting a hug from them and hearing them say ‘thank you’ is what keeps me coming back every day.”

America's Most Amazing Nurse

Laura has also been named “America’s Most Amazing Nurse” by Prevention Magazine and “The Doctors,” a syndicated national television show.

Jennifer Aubert-Utz: LaFrance Muldrow Woman Making a Difference

Jennifer Aubert-Utz, Woman Making a Difference
Jennifer Aubert-Utz
Woman Making a Difference

Jennifer Aubert-Utz is the highest ranking woman at the Baltimore County Fire Department (BCoFD) as its Assistant Chief. Since the first woman was hired in 1977, 23 percent of employees in the BCoFD are women, vastly higher than the four percent national average.

Scholarly Instructor

She received the Executive Fire Officer designation through the National Fire Academy. Through this program, she had three scholarly research papers published.

She is also a certified Maryland Fire Service Instructor, and is an adjunct instructor with the National Fire Academy. Jen spent 16 months in charge of the Baltimore County Fire-Rescue Academy, interacting with new hires, and letting the women know from the start their important roles in the department. She was also appointed by the Governor to the state’s Fire-Rescue Education and Training Commission.

Leader in Pedestrian Safety

She is also responsible for the creation of a countywide pedestrian safety program, “The Walk Safe” campaign. One of her published papers for the National Fire Academy addressed the prevention of pedestrian injuries and deaths. Jen has also been a long-time volunteer with the Victim Impact Panel for Baltimore County’s Mothers Against Drunk Driving.

Mentor to Fire Professionals

Jen’s peers described her as “professional,” “enthusiastic,” “pragmatic” and “conscientious.” She is a sought out mentor by both men and women. At all ranks, she has helped employees prepare for promotion by working with them on their skills; she has also helped failing employees get back on track. In 2012, she assisted the creation of the organization “Women in the Fire Service.” This was created by and for all female fire service personnel in Baltimore County to enhance their training, support each other with promotional preparedness, and share the unique experiences of working in a traditionally male profession. The group held a women’s training night where she worked with 20 women on physical training techniques that work best for women. Jennifer Aubert-Utz is a towering leader in the fire service and has a big impact on women’s lives and profession in Baltimore County and beyond.

Gabriella McLean: Young Woman of the Year

Gabriella McLean, Young Woman of the Year 2018
Gabriella McLean
Young Woman of the Year

Gabriella is a persevering, compassionate and courageous young woman.

Community Volunteer

She is passionate about her community and is consistently volunteering every chance she can get. She has been involved in the Night of Peace Family Shelter organization for many years. She has coordinated back pack, holiday gift bag, and clothing donations to be delivered to the organization. She has also served meals and planned special events for guests to enjoy. Gabbi also volunteers regularly at The Children’s Home where several of her school’s students live. In 2015, Gabbi and her family received the Volunteer Family of the Year Award, she and her family have helped organize donations and special events for the needy in their community.

Academic Achiever

Gabbi is a member of the National Honor Society and the National English Honor Society. She is the team manager for Catonsville High School’s Girls’ Lacrosse Team. She is also the president of her graduating class, Class of 2018.

Academically, Gabbi is an amazing student with a 3.81 unweighted grade point average and a 5.23 weighted grade point average. Among her rigorous courses, she leaves half day to work at St. Agnes Hospital on their pediatric inpatient unit as an intern. She plans to gain priceless knowledge to help her in her college major and beyond. As Gabbi looks toward the future, she is interested in majoring in biology or neuroscience on a pre-med track. She hopes to one day become a pediatric physician.

Gabbi knows what she wants out of life and knows how to go after it. Her passion to help others is undeniable.

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