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2016 Woman and Young Woman of the Year Winners

Nancy Hafford

Nancy Hafford, 2016 Woman of the Year winner.
       Nancy Hafford
 2016 Woman of the Year

Nancy Hafford has been associated with the Towson Chamber (formerly known as the Towson Business Association) for over seventeen years. She served on the Board of Directors for a six-year term that culminated in her becoming President in 2004 and accepted the Executive Director position in 2007.

She was formally the district manager of six Health and Wellness Clubs with 250 employees and over 15,000 members.

In 2015, the Towson Chamber hosted more than 80 outdoor events in our community, including Feet on the Street, Towsontown Spring Festival, Gardens Day, Towson Farmers Market, Baltimore County Christmas Tree Lighting and WinterFest. The Towson Chamber also assists with the Towson Area 4th of July Parade. These events bring over 500,000 people to our community each year.

Strong Advocate for Fairness in Business Development

Ms. Hafford has developed strong bonds with the GTCCA. She is a strong advocate for fairness in business development with sensitivity towards the needs and wants of local communities. She also supports the Maryland CASA Association’s teams each year at the annual Baltimore Running Festival, providing food to 150 runners.

Nancy serves on the Baltimore County Planning Board, Baltimore County Tourism Council, Business-Chamber Connection, Personnel and Salary Advisory Board, the Superintendents Business Advisory Council, is the first female officer of the Towson Elks Lodge and co-coordinator of the Big Event along with Towson University and the GTCCA.

Ms. Nancy Hafford is a wife, mother of four, grandmother of three (soon to be four) and a great grandmother of two.

Anita Rozenel: LaFrance Muldrow Woman Making a Difference

Anita Rozenel, 2016 Lafrance Muldrow Woman Making a Difference winner.
     Anita Rozenel, 2016
Woman Making a Difference

Anita Rozenel has been a resident of Baltimore County for 43 years and taught elementary classroom and elementary music in the county for 35 years. She has been the volunteer “Music Lady” at Johns Hopkins Children’s Center since 1989.

Founder of Kids Helping Hopkins

Twenty-two years ago, she founded Kids Helping Hopkins (KHH) to honor the memory of a very caring kindergarten student, Amanda Bradel, who was also a patient at Hopkins Children’s Hospital. Kids Helping Hopkins is a values-education program that teaches and nurtures the values of compassion and sharing that Amanda displayed at such a young age. KHH was born on the principles that all children can learn to give of themselves and to serve others.

KHH is extremely proud to be partners with Baltimore County Public Schools, whose support has been substantial and invaluable. Since its inception, students, educators, parents, and community members throughout Baltimore County and the State of Maryland have embraced KHH, touching the lives of countless young patients and their families by raising approximately $1.7 million and donating thousands of new toys, books, craft kits, and other needed items. Over the years, students from approximately 145 BCPS schools and organizations have, at some point, participated in KHH.


Anita received a Johns Hopkins Leadership Donor Award in 2000, a Distinguished Service Award from MSDE’s Achievement Initiative for Maryland Minority Students in 2002, Association of Fundraising Professionals, MD Chapter, Unsung Hero Award in 2011, the Sophie Conner Volunteer of the Year Award from Johns Hopkins Hospital in 2015, as well as several Baltimore County Executive Citations. However, her most precious awards are the ones she gets whenever students relate their stories of caring and sharing through Kids Helping Hopkins.

Kenisha Brannon: Young Woman of the Year

Kenisha Brannon, 2016 Young Woman of the Year winner.
  Kenisha Brannon, 2016
Young Woman of the Year

Kenisha Autumn Brannon, 17 years old, is a senior from Owings Mills High School where she has excelled as not only a student but also as an athlete. Kenisha’s most noted accomplishment is holding the position of president of her school’s Student Government Association (SGA).

'Positive LIght'

Kenisha is a phenomenal student athlete, taking mostly Advanced Placement courses at Owings Mills High School. She is an honor roll student and a member of Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society and Future Business Leaders of America. If there is a club offered at school, nine times out of 10 Kenisha is involved; she makes sure her presence is known around school in a positive light. When she is not in class or studying, Kenisha is practicing on her performance as a track athlete, where she has qualified for state and national track meets. Kenisha is also actively involved in Kingdom Life Church and volunteers at Our Daily Bread and Habitat for Humanity.

Kenisha is very passionate about being active and making a change within her school and community. She has over 500 service learning hours, most of which she has earned from volunteering at the Choo-Smith Summer Basketball camp for over five years, as well as volunteering at local elementary schools and various blood drives. Last summer, Kenisha was inspired by others’ need for blood transfusions, so she collaborated with the American Red Cross to plan a blood drive held at Owings Mills High School. Through Kenisha’s dedication and marketing skills, the blood drive exceeded the target goal for units of blood collected, and she is eager to do it all again. Kenisha is a very articulate, determined and strong- minded young woman; when she sets her mind to something, she will do everything within her power to make it happen.

While serving as her schools SGA President, Kenisha has committed to fostering school and community pride. She recognizes the need to raise money for school enrichment programs and Kenisha continually creates events that would not only raise funds, but serve to bring the community together; she has set precedents for fundraising at Owings Mills High School.

A Well Rounded Young Woman

Kenisha is a very well rounded young woman, and plans to take her accomplishments with her to college where she plans to double major in Health Science and Biology and have a minor in business management.

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