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Job Network

Job Network is a job search, job retention and life skills program for adults who apply for or receive Temporary Cash Assistance (TCA) in Baltimore County. Participation is mandatory for most TCA applicants and recipients.

Steady employment not only empowers individuals to take charge of their lives, it also pays more than TCA. Job Network aims to help TCA applicants and recipients obtain full-time jobs as quickly as possible and to remain steadily employed.

Winning New Jobs

"Winning New Jobs," a four-week motivational and job search program developed by the University of Michigan. Through a series of instructional activities based on cognitive and group therapy techniques, participants learn to overcome depression and anxiety; find jobs more efficiently; and manage their personal and family lives more effectively.

Workforce Solutions

If "Winning New Jobs" participants are unable to find jobs within four weeks, they are referred to a more intensive follow-up program, "Workforce Solutions." This open-entry, open-exit program was designed by an organization with decades of experience serving people with disabilities. This holistic approach has proven valuable in working with TCA recipients as well.

Participants who are determined by a physician to have a work-limiting disability are referred to a specialized "Workforce Solutions" program, which provides vocational rehabilitation case management services. Depending upon their disability, participants get individualized help in applying for Social Security income or enrolling in rehabilitation programs leading to employment.

Participants in all Job Network activities are required to attend 30 to 35 hours a week. Nonparticipation leads to denial or cancellation of all TCA payments.

Who Operates Job Network Programs?

Job Network is a partnership of Baltimore County Department of Social Services (which manages the TCA system), the Community College of Baltimore County (which operates Winning New Jobs), and Workforce Solutions, Incorporated (which operates the other work activities described above).


Winning New Jobs classes begin every week at the Community College of Baltimore County Catonsville campus, and at the Baltimore County Department of Social Services district office in Essex.


Suzy Beegle, Job Network Coordinator
Baltimore County Department of Social Services
6401 York Road
Baltimore, Maryland 21212
Phone: 410-853-3981

Revised May 11, 2016         


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