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Sheriff R. Jay Fisher

A portrait of Sheriff R. Jay Fisher.

Sheriff Fisher has 33 years of professional law enforcement experience with the Baltimore Police Department. Prior to his retirement he was the Operational Commander of the nationally acclaimed Warrant Apprehension Task Force, a unit that is multi-jurisdictional and responsible for serving warrants throughout the State of Maryland. Sheriff Fisher is the recipient of numerous commendations and awards. He is a graduate of The University of Baltimore and received a Bachelor of Arts degree.

Sheriff's Vision

Sheriff Fisher's vision is a "New Beginning for the Sheriff's Office."

  • Establish professionalism and public's trust.
  • Improve technology to enhance security and operational efficiency.
  • Develop a working and harmonious relationship with local law enforcement and other state and County agencies.
  • Achieve a balance between effective courthouse security and accessibility by the public and elected officials.
  • Develop a comprehensive plan to increase warrant service.
Revised October 27, 2016         


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