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Duties and Powers of the Sheriff's Office

The Baltimore County Sheriff's Office is comprised of five main components:

  1. Courtroom Security Section
    The Courtroom Security Section handles all prisoners brought into the Baltimore County Circuit Court and ensures their appearance at trial.

  2. Legal Process Section
    The Legal Process Section serves all summonses and writs as directed by the Courts. This unit also handles District Court warrants and juvenile body attachments.

  3. Warrant Services Section
    The Warrant Services Section is responsible for the service of non-support warrants.

  4. Administrative Services Section
    The Administrative Services Section is accountable for all applicant, internal and recruitment investigations for the Sheriff's Office. Additionally, this unit performs all personnel matters relating to the agency.

  5. Security Section
    The Security Section is a subdivision of the Sheriff's Office. They are responsible for the security of the County Courts Building 24 hours per day, seven days per week. All entrances to the County Courts Building have scanners, which are staffed by deputies and security personnel whose presence serves to maintain a higher level of security in the building.

All Maryland Sheriffs and their deputies are sworn police officers, graduates of certified police academies and have all the powers and authorities granted to any other law enforcement officer in the state and are certified by the Maryland Police Training Commission.

Revised October 27, 2016         


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