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Therapeutic and Learning Programs

For information or inquiries regarding the following therapeutic and learning programs offered at the Equine Facility, contact:

Suzanne T. Berger, Equine Programs Manager
Phone: 410-887-3122

Saratoga War Horse

Contact: Gerald Brooks
Phone: 443-834-2969

Saratoga War Horse offers veterans, at no cost, a three-day experience that has proven to be effective and invaluable for those struggling to adjust to life after military service. The program assists veterans experiencing invisible psychological wounds as a result of their military service by providing equine-assisted therapy that initiates empowering life changes.



EquiTeam Support Services

Contact: Ellie Williams
Phone: 717-309-2873

EquiTeam Support Services serves clients of all ages with equine therapy programs designed to promote mental health and well-being. Almost all of their therapies take place on the ground, rather than on horseback, with clients telling their story through interactions with the horse. This fosters close communication that is helpful for working through complex emotions, trauma and abuse. Their effective, compassionate work with the military community is augmented by their newest program, which involves nationally-certified neurofeedback.

The Elmseed Foundation

Contact: Linda Hazelhurst
Phone: 410-591-0274

The ElmSeed Foundation currently supports under-served youth in third through fifth grades by providing them an environment to:

  • Explore and gain experience through working on cool projects, building individual and team skills and being exposed to different options and possibilities
  • Express themselves meaningfully and appropriately
  • Expand their thinking and most importantly their world

The Foundation engages the whole individual by honoring the mind, body and behavior connection. They successfully delivered a 2018 Summer Pilot program and have enrolled students for their Fall Two-Day After School program. They believe in the power of self-review and reflection. Through new experiences and exposure, they encourage the release of thoughts, words and behaviors that no longer serve. Through positive reinforcement and practice, they offer a choice to renew feelings about themselves, the future and ultimately, outcomes:

  • New vision where thoughts of opportunities were unimaginable and out of reach
  • Speaking with a calm and confident voice to express challenges, solutions and desires
  • Increased self-value with renewed hope for realized potential

Learning Through the Power of the Horse

  • Provides a unique experience of a working farm by feeding, caring for and working with horses
  • Reduces anxiety and stress through developing a relationship between the horse and the individual
  • Provides the experience of the compassionate nature of horse contact
  • Demonstrates first-hand the physical, psychological and educational benefits of Equine-Assisted Learning (EAL)
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