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Baltimore County Agricultural Center Equine Program


Our Mission

Our facility provides equine connection, therapy and educational opportunities through a variety of programs benefiting veterans, children with special needs and at-risk youth.

The facility provides care and housing for a herd of horses, primarily thoroughbreds who are retired from racing. Many of these horses are available for adoption and have the added benefit of ongoing daily handling and training by employees and volunteers to better prepare them for a new life.

We welcome potential volunteers interested in supporting the facility, its programs and the horses. Learn more about the variety of ways to participate and make a difference.

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Mary de la Reguera, Farm and Livestock Specialist
Phone: 410-887-8570

About the Facility

Located in the beautiful heart of one of the best known areas of thoroughbred breeding and training in the country, the Baltimore County Agricultural Center Equine Facility is a multi-use facility primarily providing ground-based, equine-assisted therapy and mental health resources that help participants adjust and navigate successfully thorough life’s challenges and changes.

The equine facility includes two barns, pasture and paddock space and a 9,600 square-foot arena with classrooms. The arena features a sandy surface and is available for equine programs as well as other events. Our accessible areas give program participants a private and tranquil setting to experience and witness the life-changing benefits that equine-centered groundwork programs can have.

A view from one end of the arena.A view from the other end of the arena.A view of the paddock.
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