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Our Herd

The Baltimore County Agricultural Center Equine Facility provides care and housing for a herd of horses who are used for a variety of equine learning and therapeutic programs. In addition to the horses listed below, there are also horses housed at the facility that are available for adoption.

This is Alma, this mare is adoptable.


Sex: Mare

Color: Bay

This is 3D, this gelding is adoptable.

Done Done Done aka 3D

Sex: Gelding

Color: Chestnut

Year Foaled: 2009

Parentage: Latent Heat (sire) and Buzz Off Buzz (dam)

Retired: 2013

This is Fifty Two, this gelding is adoptable.

Fifty Two aka Big Ray

Sex: Gelding

Color: Bay

Year Foaled: 2011

Parentage: Grand Slam (sire)

Retired: 2017

This is Go Hard, this gelding is adoptable.

Go Hard aka Stan

Sex: Gelding

Color: Chestnut

Year Foaled: 2014

Parentage: Candy Ride (sire) Understated (dam)

Retired: 2017


Therapy Partners

These horses serve as "mascots" for our visitors to interact with.

Doc is brown and white paint.Doc—A Special Senior

Doc is by far the oldest horse in our herd. While we don’t know his exact age, he's at least 28 years old and is a very wise old soul. He taught hundreds of children to ride in his previous home at a riding camp and was a much-loved favorite there. Now that his riding days are behind him, he's enjoying his new career as an equine therapy partner for adults and children. His kind and friendly disposition brings lots of happiness to those who interact with him. He’s often the first one to the fence to greet visitors.

Daisy and Sunny in their pen.Daisy and Sunny

Daybreak, aka Daisy (left), and her brother Sundance, aka Sunny (right), are miniature horses.

JJ is a chestnut.JJ

JJ is super colorful, very calm and people-friendly.

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