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Traffic Engineering and Transportation Planning

111 West Chesapeake Avenue, Room 326
Towson, Maryland 21204
Phone: 410-887-3554
Fax: 410-887-5784

Greg Carski
Bureau Chief

About this Bureau

This Bureau PLANs for anticipated County-wide transportation needs and ensures a safe, efficient operation of the Baltimore County highway system. It is divided into several divisions:

Traffic Engineering maintains traffic regulations, develops traffic control needs and detours.

Street Light Program – handles requests for new or upgraded street lighting on existing or proposed County roadways.

Transportation Planning – provides technical assistance to the Department of Planning; evaluates and recommends specific projects in anticipation of future transportation, land use and economic development needs.

Traffic Signal – installs and maintains all traffic signals, flashers, and signal systems along the County highway system and some of those on the State highway system in Baltimore County.

Traffic Sign and Roadway Marking – installs and maintains County traffic signs, paints and marks County roadways.

Traffic Calming – program for slowing traffic on residential roadways.

Report A Problem

Traffic signs and signals are maintained by either Baltimore County or State Highway Administration. For immediate safety issues, call 911. They will contact the appropriate agency for emergency response. Contact us for general concerns.

Other Items of Interest

  • Road Closures – find out about roads closed due to repairs and maintenance, flooding and accidents
  • Road Closure Reimbursement Policy (PDF) – find information on the procedures for reimbursing Baltimore County for expenses related to road closures.
  • Level of Service – View level of service for traffic signals at Baltimore County intersections.
  • Engineering Projects – learn about engineering projects in your council district, such as road closures, bridge repairs, water or sewer line repairs or installations
  • Subscribe to Community Updates e-newsletter to learn about projects in your district
Revised April 17, 2018         


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