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Earth Month 2017

Celebrate Earth April 2017

Baltimore County celebrates Earth Month every month by protecting our environment through programs and services that support sustainable living.

From expanding our tree canopy, to restoring our watershed, to recovering valuable recyclables through the recycling program, the County prides itself on its commitment to environmental stewardship. You can participate in this effort by planting trees, participating in a community clean-up, switching to renewable energy and more. 

If you haven’t already, follow Clean Green Baltimore County on Facebook. This page is a “one-stop shop” providing residents and businesses with the latest news and information on county initiatives, services and resources that support sustainable living.

Earth Month Events

Blue Water Baltimore

Blue Water Baltimore works diligently though education and volunteer opportunities to reduce pollution and improve water quality in the greater Baltimore region. Participate in workshops, cleanups and other events to help keep our waterways clean. 

Clean Green 15 Litter Challenge

Take part in 15-minute trash pick-ups in any area of the County and help your local Baltimore County public school earn an environmental grant. You and your group determine the time and location, and then tell us how much you picked up. We’ll track the amount of trash collected as part of EPS's Chesapeake Bay restoration goals.

Reforestation for Rural Properties

The Department of Environmental Protection and Sustainability (EPS) works with citizens and communities to increase our tree canopy through rural reforestation plantings. Reforestation projects include free planting design, the installation of County-purchased trees and a maintenance period.

Other Ways to Celebrate Earth Month

Plant a Tree

Volunteer for a Community Tree Planting

In partnership with EPS and TreeBaltimore, Blue Water Baltimore’s Community Forestry Program works with volunteers to increase the tree canopy and improve tree survival in our watersheds. 

Visit a Baltimore County Nature Center

Baltimore County’s nature centers offer year-round opportunities to enjoy and learn about wildlife and the environment through hands-on programs, lectures and other events. 

Get to Know Your Watershed Association

Check out the programs and volunteer opportunities of all the watershed associations in Baltimore County. 

Calculate Your Carbon Footprint

Use the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency's Household Carbon Footprint Calculator to estimate your carbon footprint in three areas: transportation, waste and home energy. 

Reduce Your Food Waste

Thirty to forty percent of the food produced annually in the U.S. is thrown away, which works out to about 20 pounds per person, per month. Learn how to reduce the amount of food you waste.

Conduct a Do-It-Yourself Energy Audit

Looking for ways to save energy in your home? Complete the Do-It-Yourself Home Energy Audit (PDF) and find low cost solutions to reduce energy and water bills.

More Environmental Resources

Image of a wind and solar farm

Tree-Mendous Maryland

Tree-Mendous Maryland offers reasonably priced trees for planting on public lands, including parks, public schools and community colleges, government facilities, rights-of-way and homeowner association open spaces.

Get Recognized for Green Business Practices

The Maryland Department of the Environment's Green Registry is a free, voluntary program that showcases sustainability efforts by local governments and businesses. The Green Registry offers resources to help organizations and businesses meet sustainability goals. Add your business to the Maryland Green Registry today.

Bay Restoration Fund Septic System Upgrade Grants

Grants are available for septic system users to upgrade onsite systems with the Best Available Technology (BAT) for nitrogen removal. Apply online today to see if you are eligible for grant funding.

Maryland Energy Administration Incentives

The Maryland Energy Administration (MEA) offers grants, loans, rebates and tax incentives designed to help attain our state's goals in energy reduction, renewable energy, climate action and green jobs. MEA helps Maryland residents, businesses, non-profits and local governments implement energy efficiency upgrades and install renewable energy systems.

Consider an Easement

Conservation easements are the ultimate way to provide for long-term protection of farm or forest land resources. Consider donating a conservation easement to a local land trust or government agency.

Loading Dock Reuse Program

Baltimore County has partnered with the Loading Dock, Inc., to accept reusable building materials, such as appliances, doors, cabinets and more. Donations keep materials out of the landfill and help communities rebuild.

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