Promote Recycling as a Paid Intern with the Baltimore County Bureau of Solid Waste Management's Recycling Division

Photo of a group of people in a classroom wearing hardhats

The Baltimore County Bureau of Solid Waste Management expects to have a recycling internship opening in its Towson office starting as soon as December 2019. Candidates should be able to work at least 150 hours during the internship. Historically, internships have lasted from two months to four years. For best consideration, please apply (details below) by Monday, November 4, 2019.

The Bureau accepts resumes and cover letters, on an ongoing basis, from motivated, talented people interested in promoting recycling and waste prevention. Applicants should have strong oral presentation, research and writing skills. 

As paid Baltimore County employees, interns:

  • Earn $11 per hour to start, with free parking;
  • Gain purposeful work experience in a comfortable office environment;
  • Apply and develop skills in public speaking (including school presentations, tours of our recycling facility and staffing a booth at public events), research, writing, public relations, marketing, data analysis and other areas;
  • Provide input and receive feedback as part of a team promoting recycling, waste prevention and best solid waste management practices;
  • Learn more about how local government works;
  • Work flexible schedules customized to academic, job and other commitments;
  • Improve future employment prospects (many of our interns have gone on to careers in the recycling and waste field, while others have pursued a variety of other jobs); and
  • May become eligible for permanent county jobs.

For further information on the internship program, including testimonials, please visit the Bureau's internship page on the County's website.

If the internship program seems like a good fit, why “waste” more time?  Become part of a proud tradition that includes 101 interns since 1991.

Please send a resume and cover letter to Recycling and Waste Prevention Manager Charlie Reighart at Resumes should include relevant work experience and academic background (including GPA – grade point average). The cover letter should note the months, days of the week and hours of the day candidates are available to the extent known.

For more information, call 410-887-2000.

Not a candidate for such an internship? Please pass this information on to potentially interested candidates.