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Ways to Green Your Middle School

Learn how to reduce, reuse and recycle in your middle school.


  • Launch a school-wide waste prevention education campaign involving teachers, students and staff.
  • Encourage students, teachers and staff to cut down on lunchroom waste by switching from brown paper bags to lunch boxes. Likewise, encourage others to stop using plastic baggies for lunch and use reusable containers.
  • Encourage your school to use less paper and try to see if you can make it a school policy to use double-sided printing and copying. 


  • Work with teachers to encourage your fellow students to bring in leftover bits of packaging, paper, Styrofoam or other materials and use these items in art class.
  • Propose the idea of creating purses from old candy wrappers, plastic grocery bags or other materials. Sell these items as a school fundraiser. 
  • Organize a used clothing, toy or technology drive for the benefit of the less fortunate families in your community.


  • Work with school staff to research how much trash your school generates and help start a school-wide recycling contest to reduce that trash.
  • Organize a team of students, teachers and staff to collect recyclables from within the school and help raise funds to buy recycling bins for every floor or area of your school if they do not already have them.
  • Promote your program by posting eye catching, student-designed signs around school.
Revised July 18, 2016         


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