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Frequently Asked Questions

Metropolitan District

Q. What are Metropolitan District Charges?

A. They are special assessments levied on properties deriving benefit from water and sewer utilities. Baltimore County Code 2015, Section 20-3-201 is our authority to levy these charges. Sewer and Water Benefit charges are levied to recover construction costs. Metropolitan Service charges are levied to recover the cost of maintaining the water and sewer system.

Q. How are they computed?

A. Water and Sewer Benefit Charges are computed using an assessable footage assigned to a property and a rate per foot assigned to the utility for which the property is assessed. For specific rates per foot, assessable frontage and interest rates, call 410-887-2423.

Q. How are they collected? How long are they paid?

A. Metropolitan District Charges are billed annually on the property tax bill. Water and Sewer Benefit Charges are paid for 40 years.

Q. How do I find information about Water or Sewer Benefit Charges?

A. Call 410-887-2423 to learn how they are assessed, how much is principal or interest, if and when they can be paid off, or what happens if a property is sold or transferred.

Q. Where are the water and sewer mains located?

A. Call 410-887-2423 for information about the location related to your property.

Q. How do I get a water meter or sewer connection installed? How much will it cost?

A. Call the Department of Permits, Approvals and Inspection at 410-887-3614.

Q. I am a disabled veteran and pay no property taxes. Do I have to pay Metropolitan District Charges?

A. Disabled veterans and their surviving spouses are exempt from payment of all Metropolitan District Charges as well as certain construction loan charges, such as water and sewer deficit charges, water and sewer property connection charges and water and sewer system connection charges. However, no exemption shall be granted for the special water and sewer installation charges (also known as the private plumber's bill). Contact the State Department of Assessments and Taxation for information on how to apply.

Q. I am a senior citizen on a fixed income. Do I have to pay Metropolitan District Charges?

A. Taxpayers who are 60 years of age as of July 1 and are eligible for a Homeowner's Tax Credit by reason of income may be eligible to have their metropolitan benefit and utility charges deferred. For additional information, call the Office of Budget and Finance at 410-887-4100. Metropolitan Service Charges are user fees and cannot be deferred.

Revised July 28, 2017         


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