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Patapsco Sewershed Basin 33 Relief Sewer Project

The Department of Public Works is constructing the Patapsco Sewershed Basin 33 Relief Sewer project, located in the Patapsco River watershed. This project, which involves the installation of approximately 11,500 linear feet of 10-inch to 18-inch diameter relief sewer is necessary to improve public health, and the existing sewers in these locations do not have adequate capacity, which could result in the possibility of sewage overflows during heavy rain. This project is part of the Consent Decree project mandated by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), and the Department of Justice (DOJ).

This project will impact trail use and access throughout the Patapsco Valley State Park and some areas will be closed to the public during construction. It is expected take several years to complete.

Project Location

Approximately 4,000 of the 11,500 linear feet of sewer travel south through Patapsco Valley State Park beginning at existing manhole 56764 south of Interstate 70 near the Pickall access entrance drive parking lot, and terminating at existing manhole 39342 upon crossing the Patapsco River. The remaining 7,500 linear feet is divided into two branches within residential developments east of the park. One beginning at existing manhole 42871 just west of King William Drive, and the other at a proposed manhole located near existing manhole 44979 within Inwood Avenue. They then travel southwest to merge with the southward traveling relief sewer. The relief sewer will be located adjacent to the existing sewer in order to interconnect at manholes.

Park Restrictions

To protect the public health, safety and welfare and avoid personal injury, there will be trail closures at different locations at different times that will occur during the week and possibly on weekends. Please follow the directions on the posted warning signs. Only authorized personnel will be allowed in certain areas of the park during construction. Precautions will be taken to notify the public (visual, audio, barricades, signs, etc.). Onlookers and unauthorized personnel will not be permitted within certain areas and within danger zones and must leave certain areas during construction. Warning signs indicating restricted areas will be posted.

Contact Information

Information about this project may be obtained by contacting the Baltimore County Department of Public Works at 410-887-3781.

Revised March 17, 2020         


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