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Minority Business Enterprises Requirements

It is the policy of Baltimore County, Maryland that minority business enterprises and women owned businesses shall have the maximum opportunity to participate in performance of contracts financed in whole or part by County funds for all projects.

Contract Goals

For the purpose of these contracts, one goal has been established:

Twenty percent any combination for minority persons—an individual who is African American, Hispanic American, Asian American, American Indian or disabled and /or for women exclusively, regardless of race of ethnicity, pursuant to Baltimore County's Minority Business Enterprise Program.

Certification Required

Minority and Women Business firms must be certified to be counted toward the goal. They may be certified by either Maryland Department of Transportation (MDOT) minority business certification program or by the Baltimore City's minority business certification program. To be used as part of a consultant team for a county professional services contract, the firm must still be prequalified with Baltimore County Department of Public Works. View the requirements of Minority and Women owned businesses.

View the forms of Minority and Women owned businesses.

Revised April 20, 2016         


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