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Professional Services Selection Committee

The selection of consultants for Professional Services (professional practices of architecture, landscape architecture or engineering) contracts for County agencies (not Board of Education) is done by the Professional Services Selection Committee (PSSC). The authority of the PSSC has been established by the Executive order of February 28, 1975, amended December 18, 1987, November 18, 2005 and January 29, 2010.

The Bureau of Engineering and Construction performs the administrative and record keeping part of the Selection Process for the PSSC. County staff screens the consultant submittals for prequalification, completeness and content, and prepares summary documents for the PSSC.

Consultants interested in advertised Solicitations for Professional Services must follow Prequalification Procedures. Submittals must contain all of the required information as described in the Professional Services Project Submittal Requirements. To those interested in working on County projects, Baltimore County has created a Small Business Purchase Program (SBPP) that may be helpful.


Meetings take place only when it is necessary to evaluate new projects.

Board Members

There are three members on the committee appointed by the County Executive. Members serve for three years. There are no term limits.


Date Appointed

Current Term Expires

Appointed By

Thomas Hamer



County Executive

Robert Berner



County Executive

Isiah (Ike) Frost



County Executive

Revised August 8, 2018         


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