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Vision Statement 

We will be the model of an innovative, community-oriented police department.

We are committed to excellence and professionalism in delivering comprehensive law enforcement services. Our core responsibility is to prevent and reduce crime and victimization. All Department members have an obligation, a duty, to pursue those who commit crimes.

Using current and developing technologies, we are committed to research, innovation and competency. Technology will enhance our highly skilled workforce in the investigation of traditional criminal acts, and the latest crime challenges such as Internet, economic and predator crime, organized gang and youthful violent offenders.

Homeland security will remain a priority as we focus on the goal of moving beyond communities where our citizens feel safe to communities that are safe.

We recognize the value of all our employees and partners, from professional staff and sworn members, to the many citizens who come forth to volunteer, assisting us in fulfilling our mission. We remain committed to the further enhancement of these partnerships. We will continually strive to develop the skills of our members, and to efficiently and effectively manage our resources to deliver the highest level of service to the public.

Terrence B. Sheridan
Chief of Police


Revised April 3, 2017         


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