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Advanced Crash Investigation (Level 2) Course

This two-week class will further the student with additional investigation techniques and formulas, including flips, falls, vaults and time or distance calculations. This course is taught by crash re-constructionists from surrounding agencies as well as the Baltimore County Police Department's Crash Team, Precinct Traffic Sections and the Traffic Training Team.


Attendees must have completed the Crash Investigation Course (Level I) to attend this class. This is a time-intensive course, requiring that the student follow instructions carefully in order to successfully complete this demanding class. Students should carefully check their schedules to ensure that there are little or no conflicts with the course schedule. Officers desiring attendance should forward a request for it through their station coordinators. Outside jurisdictions should contact their training coordinator to arrange for seats in the class, pending the approval by their Department. Officers selected for this class need to bring note-taking materials, a three-ring binder, a 360º protractor, a compass and a scientific calculator.

Revised February 20, 2015

Revised April 6, 2016         


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