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Precinct 12 – Dundalk


Captain Glen Wiedeck

Assistant Commander

Lieutenant Rick Hearn

Image of Police Precinct 12 North Point.

News from the Captain

There are several resources available to County residents who want to know about incidents in their community:

Residents should call 911 in case of an emergency.


Are you going out of town? Don't leave your home looking unoccupied. Complete a Vacant House Form (PDF) and email it to the precinct's Community Outreach Team. Officers will then check on your location for any unusual activity while you are away.

If something suspicious does happen at your home, law enforcement will be able to quickly reach you or a local emergency contact from the information provided on the form.

Blotter and Crime Trends

Precinct 12 - Dundalk

Read news updates from Precinct 12 - Dundalk.
  1. Thief Steals Elderly Man's Wallet, Identity Sought

    UPDATE (April 18, 2019 11:51 a.m.):

    Thanks to community involvement the suspect who stole a man's wallet after he left it at the checkout counter at Quick Mart in Dundalk has turned himself in to police.

    He is identified as Joseph Scott Weber (26) of the 16000 block of Old York Road, 21111. He is charged on a summons to court with one count of theft $100 - $1,500 and faces trial in June.

    Original Release (March 28, 2019 9:32 a.m.):

    Baltimore County Police need help identifying this suspect who stole an elderly man's wallet right off the counter at Quick Mart on Trappe Road in Dundalk.

    Store surveillance video shows the victim standing at the counter making a lottery ticket purchase, and laying his wallet down. He finishes his purchase and walks away, forgetting to pick up the wallet. The suspect walks up to the counter immediately after, picks up and conceals the wallet, moves to the open register window to pay for a drink, and leaves. He left the area on foot, walking up Trappe Road toward Wallford Drive.

    Now police are asking anyone who recognizes this deplorable thief to contact the investigating officer, Officer Snee #6098, with information at 410-887-7320.

    Thu, 18 Apr 2019 15:51:00 GMT
  2. April 17: First Degree Assault, 100 Block of Fleming Drive 21222

    At 4:24 p.m., the victim was stabbed by the known suspect. The victim was treated at a local hospital. A warrant was obtained.
    Wed, 17 Apr 2019 20:24:00 GMT
  3. April 17: Robbery, 7200 Block of Holabird Avenue 21222

    At 1 p.m., the victim was getting into her vehicle when the suspect pushed her and threw her into the vehicle. The suspect took the victim's wallet and ran away. The suspect was found and arrested.
    Wed, 17 Apr 2019 17:00:00 GMT

View the Local Blotter for the Dundalk Precinct for the latest news on crime in your area.

About the Precinct Commander

Captain Glen Wiedeck is a 29-year veteran of the Baltimore County Police Department. He started his law enforcement career in 1989 as a patrol officer in Dundalk. He worked uniform patrol for six years before becoming a detective in the Criminal Investigations Bureau.

In 1992, Captain Wiedeck was selected to join the Hostage Negotiations Team. He worked tirelessly to peacefully resolve critical incidents and help people in crisis for 15 years, ultimately becoming the assistant team commander until his departure in 2007.

He transferred to the Narcotics Unit as a detective in 1995. He remained in the Narcotics Unit until he was promoted to the rank of corporal in July 2002 and assigned to the White Marsh Precinct. He worked as a patrol supervisor until June 2003 when he was transferred to supervise the White Marsh Precinct Community Drug/Violence Interdiction Team. Captain Wiedeck was promoted to the rank of sergeant in January 2005 and assigned as a patrol supervisor in the Essex Precinct. He was assigned to the Crimes Against Children Unit in January 2006 as a detective sergeant and then later promoted to the rank of detective lieutenant and assumed command of the Regional Auto Theft Task Force. Captain Wiedeck was later transferred back to the Crimes Against Children Unit as the unit commander. While assigned to the Crimes Against Children Unit as both a sergeant and lieutenant, he had the opportunity to work closely with the Baltimore County Departments of Social Services and Health toward the common goal of protecting children.

Captain Wiedeck is excited about the opportunity to work in the same area where he started as a young patrol officer 29 years ago to help reduce crime and improve the quality of life for citizens. Captain Wiedeck strongly supports the departmental values of Integrity, Fairness and Service and will work hard to reinforce those values in his assignment as the commander of the Dundalk Precinct, which began February 1.

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A portrait of Captain Glen Wiedeck
Captain Glen Wiedeck
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