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Precinct 4 – Pikesville  


Captain Michael A. Cortes III

Assistant Commander

Lieutenant Michael DiCara

See Precinct 4 Pikesville.

News from the Captain

Warmer weather is here and citizens are reminded to be careful so that they don't become a victim of a deception burglary.

The suspects in these cases will approach their victims and claim that they are from organizations such as the Water Department or BGE. They will tell the victim that they need to do some type of inspection. In some cases, the suspects have even worn clothing that makes them look authentic and have shown identification badges. While one suspect distracts the victim, another suspect will enter the home and steal money, jewelry and other valuable items.

Help prevent deception burglaries by following these tips.

  • Do not allow uninvited repair workers into your home, especially if they want to fix something that you have not noticed is a problem (such as a leaky roof).
  • Do not allow anyone to lead you anywhere in your home or on your property. This can leave other areas of the home unsecure so that a thief can access those areas.
  • If someone claims to be at your home for an inspection, ask for picture identification and contact their company prior to allowing them into your home.
  • Watch for people offering services in your community and make sure to write down a description of the individuals and their vehicle, including a tag number. Report the information to police.
  • Older residents and those living alone are often targeted—keep in contact with your neighbors to ensure that they are not victimized.
  • Report any suspicious persons, vehicles or activity to police immediately.

More information about deception burglaries and other residential crime prevention tips are available online.

Make your community an uncomfortable place for any criminal. Be sure to call 911 when you see suspicious behavior in your neighborhood.


Are you going out of town? Don't leave your home looking unoccupied. Complete a Vacant House form and email it to the precinct's Community Outreach Team. Officers will then check on your location for any unusual activity while you are away.

If something suspicious does happen at your home, law enforcement will be able to quickly reach you or a local emergency contact from the information provided on the form.

Blotter and Crime Trends

Precinct 4 - Pikesville

Read news updates from Precinct 4 - Pikesville.
  1. Officer of the Month

    The Pikesville Precinct Officer of the Month for July, August, and September is as follows:

    July: Officer B. Elder #5717

    Officer Elder had an outstanding month of enforcement, writing 244 pieces of traffic law violation enforcement in just 16 days! Two of his traffic stops resulted in the discovery of narcotics, arrests, and a long list of charges against the drivers. He also cleared an astounding 29 cases, of which 24 were self-initiated. He is a proactive officer out to make a difference in the community for which he works, and he is doing just that, not only with his law enforcement efforts but also with the positive interactions he has with community members. He conducted 47 business checks in July, making sure the area and citizens were safe during and after business hours. Great job in July, Officer Elder!

    August: Officer A. Mellos #5642

    Officer Mellos made a significant impact on the illicit drug culture in Pikesville in August. In one case he stopped a vehicle that was stolen out of Baltimore City, arresting two occupants and seizing Heroin and drug paraphernalia. In another case he arrested a suspect for distribution of narcotics, seizing Heroin and Oxycodone pills, and over $9500! And in still another case a traffic stop turned into a short pursuit, which then became a foot pursuit. In the end he made two arrests and seized Heroin, Cocaine, and a .9 mm handgun! Well done, Officer Mellos!

    September: Officer A. Mellos #5642

    For the second month in a row, Officer Mellos' streak of narcotics clearances, charges and confiscations continued! He is an informal leader on his squad with the effort he puts into stifling the drug trade, and consequently, additional periphery crimes. In September he confiscated 3 handguns, Heroin, Marijuana, Cocaine, Morphine, Suboxone and drug paraphernalia, almost entirely in self-initiated calls. During one call that Officer Mellos confiscated a handgun he also likely saved at least one person's life. The suspect admitted his intention to use the handgun to retaliate against the person who shot and killed his brother. Great job, again!!

    Fri, 10 Nov 2017 18:23:00 GMT
  2. October 11 to 12: First Degree Burglary, Unit Block of Preakness Court, 21117

    Sometime between October 11 at 5:30 p.m. and October 12 at 9 a.m., unknown suspect(s) entered the home and took hand tools.
    Wed, 11 Oct 2017 21:30:00 GMT
  3. October 11: Second Degree Burglary, 100 Block of Archimedes Court, 21208

    Sometime between 5 and 7 p.m., unknown suspect entered a property management garage and took a golf cart. The golf cart was recovered in the area.
    Wed, 11 Oct 2017 21:00:00 GMT

View the Local Blotter for the Pikesville Precinct for the latest news on crime in your area.

About the Precinct Commander

Captain Michael Cortes III is a 25-year veteran of the Baltimore County Police Department. His first assignment was a patrolman in the Garrison Precinct in 1993. He was assigned to the K-9 Unit and Hazardous Devices Unit from 1996 through 2007. He promoted up the ranks from corporal to lieutenant from 2007 through 2016. During these years he worked as a patrol supervisor at the Essex and Pikesville precincts, and as a detective sergeant and detective lieutenant for the Regional Auto Theft Task Force.

In 2016, he was promoted to the rank of captain and was assigned to the Operations Support Section to command the Mobile Crisis Team, the Traffic Resource Management Team and many other support teams.

Captain Cortes was named commander of the Pikesville Precinct in 2017. The only rank that Captain Cortes has not held at the Pikesville Precinct is corporal.

Revised October 19, 2017         


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Captain Michael A. Cortes III
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Captain Michael A. Cortes III
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