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A Citizen's Guide to Zoning

The following documents are in PDF format.

Download Entire Guide

A Citizen's Guide to Zoning (and Other Land Use Regulations) (8.0 MB)
A guide created to assist in developing a basic understanding of the various processes and documents related to zoning.

Download Individual Sections

Introduction (573 KB)
Rural Zones (1.7 MB)
Residential Zones (1.2 MB)
Office Zones
(1.5 MB)
Business Zones (1.3 MB)
Manufacturing Zones (707 KB)
Districts (3 MB)
Appendix A and B: Selected Zoning Terms and Major Zoning Milestones (224 KB)
Appendix C: Historic Maps (1.5 MB)
Appendix D: Design Review Panel Maps (2.2 MB)
Appendix E: Community Plan Maps (1.5 MB)

Staff Contact

For questions on the allowable uses under each zoning classification, please contact the Zoning Office at 410-887-3391. You can also visit the Zoning Office for more information.

For questions on processing changes to the zoning map, please contact Jeff Mayhew at

Revised July 20, 2016         


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