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Tracking Homelessness

The Office of Neighborhood Improvement gathers data from various sources to estimate the extent of homelessness in the County. We currently estimate that approximately 5,000 individuals contacted a County organization the past year to seek assistance because they were homeless or at risk of becoming homeless.

Neighborhood Improvement recently completed its annual Point-in-Time Survey of the homeless for 2013. This one-day effort obtains a "snapshot in time" count of homeless people in the County. This one measure, which is required by HUD, returned a count of 919 people on January 24.

Homeless Management Information System

The Homeless Management Information System (HMIS) is a Congressional mandate for all jurisdictions that receive federal funding for homeless and homeless prevention services. The Baltimore County HMIS is a cooperative community case management tool that allows governmental agencies and non-profit organizations to better serve their homeless clientele.

Federal, state and local government, as well as non-government grantors, use HMIS data to analyze program performance, which will then help determine funding opportunities.

More than 30 Baltimore County non-profit organizations and more than 80 Baltimore County homeless or homeless prevention programs utilize HMIS.

Baltimore County uses Bowman System's ServicePoint software to deliver our HMIS services.

Staff Contacts

Jason Burns
HMIS System Administrator
Phone: 410-887-5968

Sam Just
HMIS Assistant
Phone: 410-887-5968

Revised July 21, 2016         


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