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Rethink Pulaski Highway in Middle River                  

Baltimore County’s Master Plan 2020 identifies a 920-acre district along a five-mile segment of Pulaski Highway U.S.40 in the Middle River community as a potential target area for community-scaled redevelopment.

A map of the Pulaski Highway study area.

Community Design Workshop

A community planning process will be held in early May to consider possible future changes in this redevelopment district, which is located along Pulaski Highway between Martin Boulevard and Reames Road. All members of the community are welcome to participate. View the schedule (PDF).

Saturday, May 4, 10 a.m. to noon 
Rosedale Baptist Church, 9202 Philadelphia Road, Baltimore, MD 21237
Introduction to the Project
Community Design Workshop – Participants will work in groups at tables with maps and other materials to identify community issues, needs, and preferences.

Thanks to all who attended!  See the Short Summary and Photos (PDF) from the workshop.

Monday, May 13, 7 to 9 p.m. 
Rosedale Baptist Church, 9202 Philadelphia Road, Baltimore, MD 21237

A presentation of alternative design concepts for review and feedback will be given.

Thursday, May 16, 7 to 9 p.m. 
Rosedale Baptist Church, 9202 Philadelphia Road, Baltimore, MD 21237

A presentation of a preferred design concept for review and feedback will be given.

Saturday, May 18, 10 a.m. to Noon
Rosedale Baptist Church, 9202 Philadelphia Road, Baltimore, MD 21237

Closing Session - A presentation of a refined design concept will be given.

Please let us know that you plan to attend. Email

**The Department of Planning extends its sincere thanks to the Rosedale Baptist Church for the use of its meeting room for the design workshops.**


  • Create an attractive new community 
  • Attract good jobs 
  • Make better economic use of under-developed land 
  • Improve the corridor’s image 
  • Enhance real estate values and the tax base 
  • Provide amenities that would benefit nearby neighborhoods 
  • Create a model for more sustainable growth


Feasibility studies conducted by the Planning Department show that there is a real opportunity to generate new, high-quality jobs in this district over time, increase property values, provide new housing and amenities, and improve the appearance of this segment of Pulaski Highway, all of which would benefit nearby property owners and neighborhoods. 

Past Project Work

Baltimore County conducted two previous studies, Phase One in 2009 and Phase Two in 2010 to target an area along Pulaski Highway for future redevelopment, and to prepare and test a redevelopment concept. These studies were an outgrowth of efforts to address growth along the Pulaski Highway corridor in Baltimore County that was expected to result from changes at Aberdeen Proving Ground related to the federal Base Relocation and Closure (BRAC) initiative. The Phase One and Phase Two studies were conducted with funding from the Chesapeake Science and Security Corridor, a consortium of local governments affected by BRAC.

Phase Two generated a Final Summary Report (PDF), which consolidates findings from the first two phases, and a Final Transportation Report (PDF).

The Community Design Workshop is part of a Phase Three study. It is being conducted by the Baltimore County Department of Planning in partnership with the Maryland Department of Transportation, Office of Planning and Capital Programming, and the State Highway Administration, Regional and Intermodal Planning Division. This phase of the project is funded with a grant from the Federal Highway Administration.

Revised May 13, 2013

Revised April 6, 2016         


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