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Landmarks Preservation Commission 

Duties of the Commission

Established as a part of the County government in 1976, the Landmarks Preservation Commission (LPC) approves the inclusion of historic properties along with their Historic Environmental Settings (HES) on the Preliminary Landmarks List and the formation of County historic districts. The LPC also approves exterior alterations affecting any structures on the Preliminary or Final Baltimore County Landmarks List and all developments including exterior alterations, within County historic districts. Learn more about Baltimore County, Maryland and National Historic Properties and Districts.

Appointment of Commission Members

The LPC consists of 15 volunteer members, each of whom, as required by the County Code, "shall possess demonstrated interest, knowledge or training in historic preservation, history, architecture, conservation or related disciplines." Each member of the County Council appoints an LPC member from the respective council district, and the County Executive appoints the remaining eight members. LPC members serve a maximum of three consecutive four-year terms. They may continue to serve after their term expires until their successors are appointed.

Commission Meetings

Meetings of the LPC are generally held on the second Thursday of the month excluding August and December. A tentative agenda is available a week before the meeting.

Rules of Procedure

The Commission operates under the authority, standards, and requirements of Title 7 of Article 32 in Baltimore County law, and uses, for guidance in its decision-making, the Rules of Procedure, Historic Guidelines and Regulations and Resolutions as follows:

The Landmarks Preservation Commission has further agreed to operate by procedures as follows:

Staff Contact: Contact Historic Preservation by calling 410-887-3495 or emailing

Revised March 6, 2019         


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