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Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing

Pursuant to Baltimore County’s Fair Housing Action Plan, contained in its 2011 Analysis of Impediments to Fair Housing Choice in Baltimore County (PDF), the Department of Planning has incorporated affirmatively furthering fair housing principles, including provisions to expand the locations available to multi-family housing and prioritize the investment of HOME Investment Partnerships Program (HOME) and Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funds to projects involving rental housing for families on sites outside of racially/ethnically concentrated areas.

The County is committed to affirmatively furthering fair housing and expanding housing choice by making every effort to increase the availability and the accessibility to workforce and affordable housing for extremely low-to-moderate income persons and households through the endorsement, approval, promotion, financial and other assistance of proposed affordable housing development projects that meet or exceed the needs and expectations as described in Part II of the Preliminary Proposal of its Affordable Housing Development Guide (PDF).

In accordance with the regulations of the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD), and in furtherance of Baltimore County’s commitment to non­-discrimination and equal opportunity in housing the Department of Planning has established a plan (PDF) for furthering fair housing through affirmative fair housing marketing.

Revised October 1, 2013

Revised April 6, 2016         


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