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Real Estate Compliance

Amy Grossi, Supervisor
County Office Building
111 West Chesapeake Avenue, Room 112
Towson, Maryland 21204
Phone: 410-887-3251
Fax: 410-887-3270


Real Estate Compliance will only accept deliveries or walk-in project status requests between the hours of 9 and 11 a.m. or between 2 and 3 p.m. Appointments are suggested.

  • Requests for information pertaining to County owned lands, rights of way, easements, and so forth will be handled between the hours of 8:30 a.m. and 4 p.m.
  • Deed packages will be accepted at the counter, by the Records Section personnel. All other mail will be accepted in the legal section.

Primary Functions

  • Purchase real property for Baltimore County.
  • Dispose of real property no longer needed by the county.
  • Process road closings (PDF), road openings, petitions, and hearings.
  • Maintain the county land inventory.
  • Review and approve public deeds and plats.
  • Records and research

The property which is purchased or sold may be in fee simple or an easement and right-of-way.

  • Title examinations
  • Real estate document preparations
  • Appraisals
  • Real Estate negotiations
  • Real Estate settlement


Phone: 410-887-3263

  • Research: County maintenance or ownership of roads and County ownership of real property or easement rights over non-County property, please call 410-887-3263
  • Developers: Information on deed status and Real Estate Compliance closeout, please call 410-887-3253
  • Roads: Information on openings and closings, please call 410-887-3269
  • Surplus: Procedures to acquire County-owned property or release of County easement, please call 410-887-3269

Negotiations and Appraisals

Phone: 410-887-3259


Performs various types of valuation assignments

  • Road improvements
  • Easements
  • Parks
  • Public Buildings

Reviews appraisals of independent appraisers to ensure compliance with these standards:

  • Code
  • Regulations
  • Professional

Real Property Negotiations

Personnel acting as County's agents in acquisition of real estate for public projects:

  • Road Improvements
  • Easements
  • Parks
  • Public Buildings
  • Responsible for the relocation of property owners and tenants displaced by these acquisitions
  • Reviews development plans prior to Hearing Officer's approval
  • Ensures that necessary public improvements are properly conveyed to Baltimore County as part of the close out process
  • Real Estate Specialist
  • Developer's Deeds

Contract and Property Settlement

Dennis F. Maloney, Esq., Phone: 410-887-3294

Surplus Property

Phone: 410-887-3269

Prepares and executes appropriate legal documents:

  • Transfer
  • Sale
  • Purchase of land

Road Closings

Phone: 410-887-3269

  • Hearings held to foreclose the right of the general public to use the road
  • Citizens can file a petition to legally extinguish the public's right to a road

The Road Closings Package (PDF) is available for download, or by contacting 410-887-3269.


The Right-of-Way page contains a link to the manual, sample drawings and the checklist of accompanying items necessary to submit Deed Packages.

Transmittal Forms (PDF)

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Revised May 9, 2016         


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