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Digital Plan Submittal


The purpose of Digital Plan Submittal is to obtain digital vector line work. Surveyors and engineers are required to submit an extract of their computer-aided drafting and design (CAD) drawing file along with hardcopy prints.

Specific reasons for this requirement are to:

  • Improve the efficiency of plans routing processes by decreasing plan handling and movement.
  • Obtain specific easement areas that need to be mapped and tracked over time; some are required to be reported to the state.
  • Save time and resources by reducing the manual reproduction of plan features.

General CAD Standard

The General CAD Standard is as follows:

  • Digital files must be submitted in AutoCAD 2004 or newer file formats .DWG or .DXF.
  • Digital files must be submitted on industry standard quality CD-R or DVD compact discs.
  • Each disc should be labeled with Project Name, Subdivision, Project Number (Permits, Approvals and Inspections #) if known and contents of disc.
  • Coordinate reference system must be in Maryland State Plane based on NAD83 HARN (North American Datum, 1983), units in U.S. Survey Feet.
  • Each plan or plat drawing shall contain four Maryland State Plane Coordinate Plane control points as tick references and shall be annotated with the actual x, y coordinate in United States Survey Feet, to the nearest foot.
  • The AutoCAD file must use the standard layer scheme for .dwg/.dxf described herein and should follow any additional accepted engineering design practices.
  • Digital line work must be topologically clean without slivers, dangles, undershoots or inappropriate breaks. Polygon features drawn as polylines should connect properly and close completely without gaps.
  • The AutoCAD file will be verified, and if inaccurate, will need to be corrected and the drawing resubmitted.

Changes to the standard will be made as needed to support the submittal process and to accommodate updates or revisions.

Submittal Procedures

Download and print the Concept Plan (PDF), Development Plan (PDF) and Minor Subdivision (PDF) checklists, and download the AutoCAD sample files (ZIP).

Revised May 9, 2016         


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