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COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates and Guidance

The County is taking a number of actions to keep residents safe and minimize the spread of COVID-19. Find status information for County operations and services.

Ethics Commission Members and Staff

The Ethics Commission consists of five members appointed by the County Executive. Of the five members, two must be members of a political party to which the County Executive does not belong and two must be lawyers licensed to practice law in this state. A Commission member must be a resident of the county, may not be an elected or appointed officer of or be a candidate for election to federal, state, or local office or as an official of a political party and may not be an employee of the state or a local government. (§ 3-3-1002, Baltimore County Code, 2015) Members may serve up to two, three-year terms. Apply for a vacancy online.


Date Appointed*

Current Term

Appointed By

Jeffery L. Forman, Chairman



County Executive
Republican Representative

Lee Jacobson



County Executive
Attorney Representative

J. Michael Lawlor



County Executive
Attorney Representative

Cindy L. Leppert



County Executive
Attorney Representative

G. Darrell Russell, Jr.



County Executive
Republican Representative

*Although a new member's term by Code begins on July 1, per Baltimore County Code § 3-3-103(b)(1), "At the end of a term, an elected or appointed member, director, or trustee of a board, commission, committee, panel or foundation established under this title continues to serve until a successor is appointed or elected and qualifies."

Executive Director

On recommendation of the Ethics Commission, the County Executive appoints an Executive Director for the Commission. The Executive Director of the Commission must meet the eligibility requirements for members of the Commission. (§ 3-3-1004(d), Baltimore County Code, 2015)

The Executive Director of the Ethics Commission is Kelly Madigan.

Staff Support and Legal Counsel

The Office of Law provides staff support and Legal Counsel to the Ethics Commission. Please direct inquiries about the Ethics Commission to the Office of Law by telephone at 410-887-5904.

Revised March 30, 2020         


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