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Operational Excellence

Business Process Improvement

Operational Excellence (OpEx) is Baltimore County’s business process improvement initiative.

Working with agency stakeholders, a team of analysts assesses operational processes and applies best-practice process improvement methodologies. The group utilizes methodologies including Lean Processing, Six Sigma, Organizational Change Management and financial analysis to identify opportunities for operational improvements and provide recommendations for implementation.

Where directed by County leadership, OpEx assists with the implementation of organizational changes to provide sustainable, efficient delivery of services.

The OpEx approach involves all components of process
analysis and continuous improvements.

OpEx serves the County by:

  • Partnering with departments to improve efficiency and effectiveness through changes in organizational behavior, policies, process or technology
  • Undertaking reviews and assessments to meet core operational and strategic objectives
  • Supporting County programs, departments and offices for continuous process improvement, including training and project-based engagement

Recent Projects

OpEx projects require activities such as observation and documentation of findings, analysis of data (e.g., cost, capacity, workload, staff scheduling), report development and recommendations for process improvement. Priorities and scope of each assignment are set by the County Administrative Officer.

The success of each initiative depends heavily on the involvement and partnership with the agency stakeholders. OpEx worked closely with the agency stakeholders on each of the following initiatives.

911 Communications Center

24/7 Shift Staffing, Scheduling and Training: Provided recommendations for improving the process for hiring, staffing and training for 911 Call Center operations. Updated and assisted with the implementation of an improved shift schedule.

Board of Elections

Voter Wait Time: Analyzed the County voting process to identify causes of wait times in specific precincts. Conducted an analysis to determine the number of voting scanners needed in each precinct. Reported operational findings and made recommendations for operational improvements.

Department of Corrections

Workload Analysis, Shift Staffing and Scheduling: Provided assistance to agency senior management to assess operational staffing requirements, identify potential causes of overtime and quantify resultant cost to the County. Assisted with the development of a recruiting process for the Correctional Officer position in order to more quickly identify and engage qualified candidates. Analyzed agency leave use and assisted with the development of daily shift reporting.

Department of Public Works

Single-Stream Recycling Process Improvement and Financial Analysis: Improved asset management processes and implemented cost controls. Improved the product bid and sales process. Analyzed staffing needs and updated organizational structure to improve production efficiency. Developed maintenance management and improved safety programs.

County Landfill Operations: Determined the feasibility of vehicle-based GPS equipment and Alternative Daily Cover options to increase landfill compaction rate and useful life.

Revised October 15, 2018         


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