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Use of Christmas Trees and Candles In Buildings

Fresh-cut and live Christmas trees and candles pose a fire threat when used in buildings. State and local fire codes regulate the use of trees and candles in public occupancies.

Christmas Trees

The Maryland Fire Prevention Code prohibits fresh or live-cut trees in nursing homes, hospitals, limited care facilities, detention and correctional facilities, educational facilities, child care centers (except family day care centers) and most residential boarding facilities. Fire retardant trees are allowed in these facilities.

The code sets requirements for the tagging of fresh-cut trees and for the placement and maintenance of trees.

View the appropriate section of the Maryland Fire Prevention Code for additional details.


Chapter 10 of the Baltimore County Fire Prevention Code prohibits the use of open flame, burning candles in any public occupancy without permission of the Fire Chief.

Exception: Candles are permitted in places of worship if used in a manner that does not create a fire hazard.

Revised July 11, 2019         


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