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Outdoor Grills and Other Heating Devices

State and local fire codes place no restrictions on grills and other outdoor heating devices, such as chimineas, at one- and two-family homes, including townhomes (though fire officials strongly recommend against keeping grills against or within 15 feet of any home).

Fire codes prohibit the use of electric, charcoal or gas grills and heating devices – including hibachi and deep fryers – on the balcony of or within 15 feet of multifamily dwellings such as apartments and condominiums. Wood-burning devices such as chimineas also are prohibited at multi-family dwellings. (Baltimore County Fire Prevention Code, Chapter 10.)

Grill and Chiminea Safety

Important information about the safe use of barbecue grills and chimineas is available online.

Revised June 17, 2014

Revised April 6, 2016         


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