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Fireworks Display Inspections

State law (Maryland Public Safety Article, Title 10, 10-103 and 104) requires a permit for the discharge of fireworks. Those wishing to obtain a permit for a public display must apply to the Maryland Fire Marshal at least 10 days prior to the display date.

Once the Maryland Fire Marshal issues a permit, the Baltimore County Fire Marshal's Office inspects the display site for compliance with state and local fire codes. Call the local Fire Marshal at 410-887-4880 to schedule an inspector to meet a representative at the site.

On the date of the display, the Baltimore County Fire Marshal will inspect to ensure that:

  • The shooter is certified by the Maryland State Fire Marshal's Office.
  • The site approved at the time of application is the site that actually will be used.
  • The site, shooter and procedures all comply with National Fire Protection Association standards.
  • Weather conditions are appropriate for fireworks discharge.

About Sparklers

Some ground-based and hand-held sparklers are legal in certain Maryland counties, including Baltimore County. Our fact sheet on fireworks provides details on the laws regulating these devices.

Schedules of Fireworks Displays

View a schedule of legal, public fireworks displays in Baltimore County.

The State Fire Marshal provides a schedule of all fireworks displays in Maryland.

Revised May 31, 2017         


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