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COVID-19 Coronavirus Updates and Guidance

The County is taking a number of actions to keep residents safe and minimize the spread of COVID-19. Find status information for County operations and services.

Fire Inspections

The Fire Department conducts inspections of existing buildings, new construction and facilities and events that must comply with state and local licensing requirements.

The Fire Marshal inspects all existing commercial, retail and office establishments—as well as the common areas of apartments and condominiums—once a year for compliance with the Fire Code. The Fire Marshal also regularly inspects day care centers, family day care centers, assisted living facilities, nightclubs, bars and other establishments.

Inspection Schedules

If your business or establishment is a new occupant of an existing building, you must register with the Fire Marshal's Office by calling 410-887-4880 to ensure a place in the annual inspection rotation.

Business owners and other private parties do not need to reschedule inspections year after year; a business or establishment becomes part of the Fire Marshal regular inspection schedule after it has been inspected once.

For new structures except one- and two-family dwellings, compliance with the Fire Code is required before issuance of a use and occupancy permit.

The Fire Code does not require inspection of single-family homes and duplexes. The inspections for new structures are scheduled automatically as part of the County's permit process.

Types of Inspections

Existing Buildings
Regular inspections of all structures (except single-family homes, duplexes and the interior living units of apartments and condominiums) are required by law to uncover potential hazards to life and property. Engine companies typically perform these routine inspections.

New Construction and Renovation
For new structures except one- and two-family dwellings, compliance with the Fire Code is required before issuance of a use and occupancy permit. These inspections are scheduled automatically as part of the permit process.

Permit Process
The Baltimore County Office of the Fire Marshal does not review or issue permits, except for burning permits. The Fire Marshal conducts inspections for commercial permits after issuance and upon request by the applicant.

Family Home Day Care License Inspections
A home fire safety inspection is part of the licensing process for family day care providers.

Day Care Center License Inspections
State licensing laws for day care centers require an annual fire inspection.

Group Homes and Assisted Living Facilities
Code requirements differ for facilities established before and after January 1, 2007.

Occupancy Fire Safety
An occupancy certificate establishing the maximum occupant load is required for gatherings of 50 or more people or for areas used as special amusement buildings, regardless of load.

Fireworks Display Inspections
Required for all public fireworks displays. (The use of backyard fireworks is prohibited in Maryland. Some ground-based sparkling devices are allowed.)

Liquor Commission License Inspections
Required as part of the license application process for establishments seeking liquor licenses.

Revised July 11, 2019         


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