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Fire Safety Inspections – Existing Buildings

Regular inspections of all structures (except single-family homes, duplexes and the interior living units of apartments and condominiums) are required by law to uncover potential hazards to life and property. Engine companies typically perform these routine inspections.

Through inspection, the Fire Department identifies many types of potential hazards to life and property. Correcting these hazards protects the lives and well-being of property and business owners, employees, customers and their families. 

The Inspection Process

The Fire Marshal maintains an annual rotation of inspections for existing structures. 

Call the Fire Marshal's Office at 410-887-4880 if you have questions about your inspection.

Inspection Program Goals

  • Compliance with the Baltimore County Fire Prevention Code and the Maryland State Fire Prevention Code (PDF). 
  • Public education about fire and life safety.
  • Improvement of standards of building maintenance and other conditions that contribute to fires or affect the ability to escape a fire.
  • Maintenance of life safety in buildings.
  • Maintenance of fire protection equipment.
  • Control of special hazards due to processes and storage involving flammable and explosive materials.
  • Building a constructive relationship between the Fire Department and the public.
  • Familiarizing fire personnel with building conditions so they can fight fires more effectively and safely, and gain knowledge in ways to prevent fires.

The Baltimore County Fire Marshal's Office oversees the fire station inspection program. Each year, fire personnel inspect more than 22,000 properties and establishments.

Revised July 11, 2019         


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