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Professional Qualifications Certification Program Breakdowns and Correlation                                                    

Submit all applications for pro-qual using the state MFSPQB form appropriate for your level of certification. You may access the application form through the Maryland Fire and Rescue Institute; look for the "Certifications" link to find the appropriate application.

What Counts for Professional Qualifications Certification:

The following correlation sheets explain what knowledge is necessary to obtain professional certification. Correlation sheets explain job performance standards (JPR's) as delineated in the current edition of the specific NFPA professional qualifications standard. These JPRs are reviewed/updated every five years at which time a new edition of the standard is issued. Within 18 months of the standard change the BCOFD professional qualifications board must adopt the new edition of the standard. These correlation sheets allow you to validate your previous training and experience against the specific JPR's. The program breakdown explanation provides instructions on how to complete the process. Submitting training and experience to validate your completion of a JPR to meet the standard is known as "program breakdown certification" or Option II certification. If there are titles that are not here, then no correlation sheets currently exist for that title.

The following PDF documents open in a new window.

How Can I Get Certified without a Certification Specific Course?

The Training and Education for Certification (TEC) manuals delineate how you can obtain credit through non-certification specific courses. The following TEC manuals explain non-certification specific courses, which will count towards professional certification. If there are titles that are not here, then no TEC manuals are currently available for that title. Directions for using the TEC manuals are in the attached Breakdown Guidelines (PDF).

The following PDF documents open in a new window.

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Revised April 6, 2016         


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