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Driver Turn-In Procedures

A firetruck backing up.
A candidate performing offset backing during Emergency Vehicle Operator (EVO) testing.

These procedures assume the candidate already has one of the following. For assistance in obtaining an EVO Card, visit the EVO Card Procedures page.

Driver's License Requirements

1) Maryland Residents
Operators need either a Class A or Class B Maryland Driver’s License or an EVO Card issues by the Baltimore County Fire Department.

2) Non-Maryland Residents
Operators with a valid out-of-state Class A or B license do not need any other license or card to drive that class of vehicle for the Baltimore County Fire Department. They will need an EVO Card issued by the Baltimore County Fire Department to drive an apparatus of a different class.

Engine and Truck Turn-In

FADO Engine Turn-In Procedures

FADO Truck Turn-In Procedures

Revised September 6, 2017         


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