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Advanced Life Support Recertification Process

The following information should be used by Baltimore County Fire Department Advanced Life Support Providers, to assist them with the recertification process.


During this recertification period the MFRI ALS Refresher course is designed to transition NREMT-Paramedics to the Paramedic level. This will only be done during this recertification cycle. Providers must make sure to select the transition option when prompted before final submission.

NREMT-P Recertification Process

  1. Go to the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT) website at  
  2. Log into your existing account.
  3. Select the My Certification tab.
  4. Select Manage Education and enter all training completed.
  5. Once education is entered, email Paramedic Karin McGillin at to request a voucher for payment. Vouchers will not be issued after February 28, 2015.
  6. Providers must keep all documents to validate training if audited.
  7. Submit online recertification request once voucher is issued.

Attention: NREMT Audit

The NREMT reserves the right to investigate recertification materials at any time. You must retain verification of attendance of all education you have acquired. Failure to submit verification or documentation when audited will result in denial of eligibility to recertify. All information submitted must be accurate. It is incumbent on the provider to be able to produce verification of training if requested by Baltimore County, NREMT or MIEMSS.

Maryland Certification Renewal Process

Maryland ALS recertification will be accomplished on the Maryland Institute for Emergency Medical Services Systems (MIEMSS) website beginning February 1, 2015. To recertify through MIEMSS, follow the steps below.

Once you receive your NREMT Paramedic certification:

  1. Go to the Maryland Institute for MIEMSS website at
  2. Log in using your user name and password created in the past.
  3. Select the Renewal tab, answer all the questions and submit.

For Maryland CRT-99 and EMT-I providers

Maryland ALS recertification will be accomplished on the MIEMSS website beginning February 1, 2015. To recertify through MIEMSS:

  1. Go to the MIEMSS Web page at
  2. Log in using your user name and password created in the past.
  3. Under EMS provider forms, use the form CRT-99 without National Registry application. Fill out the application and then print it.
  4. Send the form and all training verification to the Fire Rescue Academy, Attention: Lieutenant P. Massarelli.

Direct any technical questions to the NREMT.

Contact Us

Any questions concerning CPR  shall be directed to Paramedic Karin McGillin at at the FRA, or call 410-887-7523.

Any questions concerning ACLS taken via ACLS Anywhere shall be directed to Paramedic Karin McGillin at, or call 410-887-7523.

The Baltimore County Fire Department recognizes that Professional Certification and Licensure is a personal responsibility. All members are responsible for ensuring that they maintain their level of certification or licensure and accurately document the required training.

Revised August 28, 2017         


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