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Ambulance Billing Information

Since September 1, 2015, Baltimore County Emergency Medical Services (EMS) has recouped patient transport costs from private insurers, Medicare and Medicaid. Baltimore County partners with MED3000 Inc., a Pittsburgh-based health care management company, to handle billing and collection.

How Transport Fees Work

Baltimore County residents are not responsible for paying for ambulance service. Insurance carriers, Medicare and Medicaid—not residents— are billed.

County residents without insurance, county residents with insurance co-pays and county residents whose insurers refuse to pay for transport will not be responsible for ambulance transport fees; their local tax dollars will be considered payment toward the fee.

Additional Information

  • The fees are levied only when a patient is transported by medic unit or ambulance to a hospital; EMS calls that do not involve transport do not involve a fee. Patients who refuse transport sign a form documenting their refusal.
  • All patients are transported regardless of insurance coverage or ability to pay.
  • No payment is collected at the time of transport, and EMS responders do not seek patient insurance information. EMS responders obtain authorization to bill the patient’s insurer along with permission to transport. After transport, the contractor–MED3000– works with the hospital to obtain the patient’s information.
  • Non-county residents who use Baltimore County EMS transport are billed for transport fees not covered by insurance, Medicare or Medicaid. The County seeks collection of these fees.
  • MED3000 customer service representatives handle questions or concerns about billing and insurance related to medical transport.
  • Call MED3000 customer service at 1-866-366-3626 if you have billing questions.

The fees are $700 or $750 per transport, depending upon the level of care required. In addition, private health insurers, Medicare and Medicaid are billed $10 per mile of transport.

Billing Paperwork

County Residents

Baltimore County residents should not receive any invoices from MED3000 or from Baltimore County Government. If you are a county resident and you receive an invoice by mistake, please call customer service at 1-866-366-3626. That phone number is provided on all MED3000 documents.

Non-County Residents

If you are not a Baltimore County resident, if you have a copay or your insurance does not pay for ambulance transport you will receive a bill from MED3000. Payment will be made to MED3000, not to Baltimore County Government.

Benefits of Transport Fees

Revenue from medical transport billing goes into Baltimore County Government's general fund and supports a variety of services.

Baltimore County’s volunteer fire companies – especially the 21 companies that provide medical service – benefit from the transport fees. The Baltimore County Volunteer Firemen's Association and the Baltimore County Fire Department plan to develop a revenue sharing program in which transport fee funds will help companies that provide medical service cover reasonable EMS-related operating expenses. The fees benefit the companies that do not provide EMS service by freeing up other funds for maintenance, equipment, fuel and training.

Revised November 21, 2017         


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