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Homefront: Veterans Services Work Group

Our Turn to Serve

Baltimore County recognizes and appreciates the services its veterans have provided and to show homage for their contributions, the Homefront Work Group is charged with discussing strategies for case management and the delivery of services for veterans and their families who reside in the County. The work group has been acknowledged by the Maryland Department of Veterans Affairs and other county governments as one of the premiere veteran service programs in the state.

Our Mission

The mission of the Homefront Work Group is to provide resource information to veterans and community outreach through education and advocacy. The Homefront Work Group’s mission is twofold:

  1. Case management for health care services and housing
  2. Outreach and career counseling


  • Link veterans or their family members with such services as health care screenings, employment opportunities, and transportation and housing resources
  • Review legislation and government initiatives that have an impact on veterans
  • Conduct conferences, workshops, awards programs and fairs or festivals as an effort to provide the veteran population with current and relevant information

Who Are Work Group Members?

  • Representatives from the majority of Baltimore County agencies
  • Representatives from surrounding counties and Baltimore City
  • Representatives from veteran’s organizations
  • State, federal and community based organizations

Past Homefront Events

Homefront prides itself in staying active in the community. Here are examples of past Homefront events:

  • Flag Day celebrations
  • Service provider conferences
  • Veteran housing and health fairs
  • Employment and resource fairs
  • Awards ceremonies
  • Information sessions concerning state and federal benefits

Get Involved

There are many ways you can get involved with the Homefront Work Group. Here are a few examples:

  • Veterans Writing Project
  • Power of Age Expo—Veterans Muster
  • Baltimore County Veterans Day activities
  • Food and clothing drives for disabled veterans and their families
  • Book group, readings, seminars and writing workshops in cooperation with the renowned Veterans Writing Project

The group is always looking for additional members. If you have individuals that you would like to recommend for the Homefront Work Group, please forward their contact information to Larry Simmons at or Anne Marie Humphries at

More Resources

Download our veteran's resource guide (PDF) to discover more resources for housing, legal services, behavioral health, caregiving, education and employment.

Revised September 17, 2018         



County Executive,
Don Mohler
Phone: 410-887-2450

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