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Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz

Police Memorial Day
May 9, 2014

Honored members of law enforcement, fellow public servants, family members, and friends, it is my honor to bring greetings to you on behalf of the people of Baltimore County.

This morning we remember and celebrate the lives of the nine fallen heroes lost in the line of duty during the 140-year history of the Baltimore County Police Department.

It has been an especially difficult year since we last gathered here on Police Memorial Day, with the tragic loss of Tactical Officer Jason Schneider on August 28. I thank his loving family, who, I would imagine, are still struggling to cope, for their strength in being here on this very special day.

I believe that every person here today remembers these nine police officers in their own unique way. Maybe you volunteer, or donate to the Police Foundation or a memorial fund. Perhaps you’ve written a poem, or a letter to a fallen officer that you’ll never send. Maybe you sometimes visit this memorial on a sunny day; or perhaps you remember them in your prayers at night. Maybe you have done all these things and more.

Opportunity to Gather as a Community

However we choose to honor their memory in our individual lives, Baltimore County’s annual Police Memorial Day gives us an opportunity to gather together as a community, reflect, and pay homage to our fallen heroes for their unselfish service and their ultimate sacrifice.

In ceremony, we tend to use a lot of different words in our tributes to these men; words like “bravery,” “commitment,” “honor” and “tragedy.”

And we should use these words when talking about them, especially on a day like this. They ring true no matter how many times we hear them or say them; but if you leave here today remembering only two words that were spoken, let them be the two words that these officers lived by: service and sacrifice.

Let us remember their lives of service by serving others in all we do; and may we remember their sacrifice by taking nothing for granted and by giving no less than our very best every single day.

To the officers who remain – your willingness to protect and serve inspires us all, and we are deeply grateful for your dedicated service. We should thank you more often, but we will never be able thank you enough.

To the families, friends and colleagues who still grieve, there are no words to ease your sorrow, but may you find peace in the fact that their lives were a precious gift to us all, and their memories live on in the heart and soul of this community.

Today, let us celebrate not only the lives that these men lived so well, but also the many lives they saved along the way.

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