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Baltimore County Executive Kevin Kamenetz

Opening of MileOne
August 2, 2012

Ladies and Gentlemen, it is great to be here with all of you this morning to celebrate an exciting new chapter for the Towson City Center and to welcome a new neighbor to our County Seat.

Powerhouse in Automotive Industry

For the past two years, anyone who has lived or worked in Towson has followed the progress of the Towson City Center with excitement. And now we can all see that the building that dominates the Towson landscape, not only got a facelift, it has become a magnet that is attracting tenants who are new to Towson. However, it is not simply the fact that it is home to new businesses and new employees that has us excited; it’s who those new businesses and employees are. After ten years of being a vacant property, this building is now home to MileOne, a powerhouse in the automotive industry.

The importance of this addition to our County Seat cannot be overstated. MileOne is one of the nation’s largest privately held car sales and service delivery networks, and now their corporate headquarters is right here, in the center of Baltimore County and in the heart of Downtown Towson. In the middle of a sluggish economy, with unemployment rates that are still too high, this represents a huge vote of confidence for Baltimore County and for Towson.

Redevelopment – Cornerstone of Economic Policy

Baltimore County has made the redevelopment of buildings such as Towson City Center a cornerstone of our economic development policy and today we can see why. Thanks to the development team at Caves Valley Partners, this shining centerpiece quite literally reflects Towson in its beautiful glass façade. The $27 million renovation of Towson City Center is bringing together MileOne, Remedi, Business Suites and WMS, and Cunningham. Towson University is reaching out to the greater Towson community with WTMD Radio and their Institute for Well-Being. Towson City Center tenants will bring 500 employees to this downtown everyday, working men and women who will become regular customers at the restaurants and stores that we all know and love here in Towson. Even though folks are still moving into their new offices here, shops and restaurants already are seeing new customers.

Game Changers

In the last few years, we have seen a lot of progress here in our County Seat. With over 1,200 new luxury apartment units in three major projects since 2008, new stores and restaurants at the Towson Town Center, to the addition of new, locally owned businesses. And in the not too distant future we’ll have a new entertainment center with movie theaters and restaurants just down Joppa Road at Towson Square. Yes, the Circle has become a square – the new name for Towson Circle Three is Towson Square.

As you look at this beautiful new building, you can see that MileOne and Towson City Center are real game changers for downtown Towson. Their business and their investment are not only a vote of confidence in this community, but an important foundation for our future.

On behalf of the people of Baltimore County, it is my pleasure to welcome Steven Fader and everyone at MileOne Automotive to Towson. Congratulations.

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