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Baltimore County made a 1.3 billion dollar investment into school modernization. Sixty-Five percent of funding for school modernization comes from the County. Thirty-Five percent comes from the State.

Schools for Our Future

When County Executive Kamenetz came into office seven years ago, 80 percent of our schools were more than 40 years old, they were in disrepair and 90 schools had no air conditioning. That’s why he invested $1.3 billion on school construction. It’s the most ambitious school construction initiative in the history of the State in such a short period of time. Baltimore County contributes $2 to every $1 of state funding.

A detailed map of the Schools for Our Future plan.
View a detailed map (PDF) of the Schools for Our
Future plan.

Modernizing County Schools

With this investment, the County has funded 90 major school construction projects all over the County. The scope of the projects include central air conditioning, 10,000 new seats and wi-fi as well as public safety upgrades. The program will also include planning funds for two new high schools in the FY19 budget.

Revised November 8, 2017